Chain SMS and mails

There are many examples of the chain SMS and mails come in front of us every day. Even many times, we our self are the part of these chain messages. Most of the people follow this chain because of some fear or for some greed. We all know about the Microsoft mail which guaranteed people to pay money for forwarding this mail to many other peoples. Many people followed this blind mail game due to their greed and this mail become one of the most circulated mail on the net.

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Other kind of the mail and SMS are fear oriented which says that we will be punished by respective GOD or devil, if we do not forward these mails or SMS. In ordinary world, no one wants to take risks; therefore we all go on forwarding these mails and SMS again and again. These mails and SMS are specially designed by the people, who know the human weaknesses. Second these incidences also show that we do not have trust on our self or simply a lack of confidence over our self.

Most of the people do not consider about the cause of these mails and SMS and only forward them to put evil away from us. These things also present many pictures of the human and how we are still governed the fear, greed and religious values. We do not consider this fact that by forwarding these kinds of the mail and SMS that we are only encouraging these kinds of the activities to gain further strength. We all can only hope that in near future more and more people will avoid forwarding these kinds of the mails and SMS.
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