Mother and child relation

According to old Indian scriptures and saints, mother plays the most important role in the child development. Child grabs most of his properties and character from his mother. Child remain inside the womb of mother for nine months, all this makes an unexplainable bond between them which exists between them for whole life. These scriptures say that child behavior starts taking shape even before birth. In India, when woman are pregnant then they are told to read good books and think positive thoughts because it is believed that mothers feelings and thoughts effect the child. Scriptures says that saints are born from mothers who are pure in their thoughts. According to them behind every good person there is an equally good mother. Even after birth, child depends on mother for most of his requirements. If we compare parents them we will definite find mothers more impulsive and caring for their children. Bond between mother and child is inseparable and is beyond our explanations. Mother devotes herself whole heartedly for the well fare of child. Many examples of mothers are there who have compromised with their career and advancement for the well fare of child. A mother will always value her child even before his birth. Her child will always be a hero for her, even he achieve anything or not. A child can never repay the efforts made by his mother.

What is more important health or money?

If we ask this question to people then 99% people will give answer for health. This is true, we all agree with this answer. We all know the value of health. However, the problem is that we are earning money by compromising our health. Sometimes our work takes control of us in such a way that health takes the back seat. Most of people realize the value of health when they have lost it and now they lose their money to restore health. But unfortunately their money is not enough to get back the health. No one in this world can purchase his passed youth and health. We may earn huge sum of money and every thing of comfort may be available at our door. But, without health it is not possible to enjoy this wealth and health. More over no price can be set for healthy youth time. Earning money is not a wrong thing. Everyone should try for earning good money, but that should not be at the cost of health. Good health itself is like big money in hand.

Obesity is going to become a biggest problem in India

Obesity is going to become a biggest problem in India. India which was earlier known for its slim and healthy people is going to reshape itself into new colors. Obesity is known to be associated with western countries. However, Indian’s have determined to replace western countries from the chart. Indian especially from urban and semi urban area are becoming more and more obese and the major concern is that all this is happening due to life style changes. Today’s Indians can easily afford cars and two-wheelers, therefore reducing their chances for walk. Junk foods are easily available even in the remotest town of India. Diets habits are severely hit by the fast life style. Earlier people of different region eat food according to the geographic suitability. In hilly areas people eat food rich in fats and carbohydrates. People living near sea enjoy sea food more. There was a culture of traditional food which suits the needs of that area. This is the reason why people eat different food. However, people are slowly forgetting about these traditional foods which are balanced in diet. Many highly nutritious foods are discontinued, due to difficulty in making or due to less availability. Therefore, today’s Indian is not eating a healthy food. Second problem is irregularity in eating. Due to business people miss meal many times a month and this is sometimes combined with impulsive overeating. Business and mental tension leads to psychological disorders like IBS and IBD. Other big issue which is concerning is that people are becoming fat from stomach region. There whole body changes by only 10%, but there stomach becomes double in size. According to latest repots this visceral fats are major culprit behind cardiac and diabetic disorders. Indian can replace all this by simply reversing to previous settings.

About my blog

“Thoughts of an ordinary man” is the name of my blog, which I have started few months back. Today my blog is in initial stage, with approximately 220 published articles. Through my blog, I try to put forward my feelings, my learnings and my thoughts. Those things which attract my attention, I try to put them in my blog. I like to write about my beloved nation India and the problems faced by it. This blog provides me, a way to put forward my concerns. In my blog, I raised few issues which are of great concern to my nation. So far, my blog is not a specialist on any subject and may not be in future also. It is only a simple blog with ordinary thoughts. I try to surprise people with writing on new and different topics, all this also enrich my writing. In my blog, I have written on terrorism, social issues, spiritual thoughts, tourism, travel, friends, women issues, poverty and many more things. In future also I will try to more diversify my blog. My thoughts are my view of life and do not imply on anybody. My main motive of writing is to write some thing different and with deep meaning. I am a new writer of few months; therefore I am learning lot of things. My present aim is to publish 1000 post in this blog. This blog provides me a way to reach others. I do not want others do the same mistakes which I have done in my life. If my writing can help others then this will be a great achievement for my blog.

In the memory of my son

As par the article published in leading Indian weekly magazine “The Week”, a 62 years old person has dig up a 60 feet wide and 60 feet deep pond on his own land. He lives in an area of Bihar (India), which is severely hit by drought every year. It took him 8 years to complete this pond and whole of the pond is made by him single handedly. For the last 8 years he was working continuously to make this pond. He did not stopped for a single day, even in illness. When he started digging pond then people did not believed him, however, now those same people recognize and praise his efforts. Initially, many people took his efforts as madness and advised to send him to a mental hospital. However, this man remained firm on his goal and continued to work in all the conditions. All these efforts are done by him in the memory of his late 26 years old son, who was killed by some people. His son always wanted a pond in the village. Today, his pond has emerged as a solution for irrigation problem in village. This article is a clear example of self belief in converting ones dreams into reality. We all can also achieve our goals with constant efforts and self belief of achieving it. Achievement is a result of our determination and hard work. Many times we fail because we are not honest in our efforts and compromises with them. The world may laugh at us initially but it will change side when it sees our dreams becoming into realities.

When sometime we fail?

Failures are import part of our life. Every one faces them at some point in their life. We may face a failure due to n number of reason. Some times we are not prepared, some times what is expected from us is more than what we can deliver, some time luck fails us, sometimes our health betrays us or sometimes may be other reasons. There will be hardly any person in this world, who would like to fail? A fear of failure always remains with us and sometimes also leads to our failure. If, we rate between success and failure then the chances of failure are always more and with the passage of time world is becoming more failure driven. More and more things are becoming mere competitions and increasing chances of our failure. Today, even a five year old child is worried about failure. Today’s failures are taking the shape of more worst fears and there numbers are more as compared to fifty years back. When fifty years back a person fails five times, however, today we can expect a person to fail fifty times. So much of expectations and failures reduce our energy to face life and even may force some people to commit suicides. Today, we are living in a world which wants success but do not want to accept the other side of coin, which is a failure. One big problem with failure is that they affect the remaining life of person very hardly. Some people got drown in their failures and just waste their remaining life. Other major problem in failures is reaction of world. World may react sharply on you or may criticize you. There is no fun in giving them undue importance, only take if some learning is there. We should be ready to face our failures and learn from them to become a person, who is above success and failures. By persistent hard work, we can achieve anything, which may look impossible today.

A Total surrender

In Bhagwad Geeta, Lord Krishna has said that whosoever surrenders in me in totality becomes my favourite and I take care of him in all difficulties. I take care of all his grieves, as my own. He further said that he is most lovable to me and with total surrender he becomes one with me. At this time no one can differentiate between the god and devotee. Devotee is god and god is devotee. Krishna further said I became servant of these devotees, who have total surrender in me. Total surrender to god is a great experience and it is exercised by the people of all religions.

Sufism is a great example of total surrender, surrender, in which person even forgets about himself. Those people who surrender completely themselves to god, starts feeling strange power of god in them. They can communicate with him and can see him. Many saints have lived all around the world, which have showed a great example of surrender. There are examples of people, in surrender who have drunk poison and nothing happened to them. Total surrender requires a great faith, a faith which is remains fixed in all the circumstances. We all can get the help of surrender for uplifting our lives.

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Movie Review- Fanna (Hindi Movie)

Fanna is the latest movie on Indian cinema. However, Fanna was in news before its release. Even still fanna is not released in cinema halls across Gujarat. I am not going to discuss any controversy. Fanna made under yash raj banners and staring Amir Khan and kajol. Fanna has good music which provides lot of entertainment while watching the movie. Songs are will choreographed. Fanna has beautifully portrayed the beauty of Kashmir.

Fanna is a try to give different color to Kashmir problem and film is successful in it to some extent, because if we seriously want to solve the Kashmir issue then we have to look into all angles. Fanna shows us the expectation of common Kashmiri youth. Through the way of Fanna, director has put forward the problem of Kashmir and its effect of kashmiri’s living their. How terrorism can affect people and their families?

About the acting all the characters are fine. There are some weaknesses in direction and hero centric story. Film is a good try to say something, but does not lead to perfect end. Amir Khan, though well in acting, loses ground at some places. Return of kajol was excellent, despite being a mother of one child; she has done justice with her role. All over Fanna is a good experiment, but not the best which one can expect.

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Movie Review- Mission Impossible-111

Third film of mission impossible series is finally in front of us. Like the earlier two movies, people also have lot of expectations from this one too. Tom cruise lovers all over the world are excited to see this movie. However, especially girls will not like that their hero Tom cruise is going to marry some one else in this film. And, yes MI-111 is all about love, emotion and finally action to save love.

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This time Tom cruise decided to marry his friend and finally lands up in saving her. This movie MI-3 looks some what inspired from James bond series. Ok, about action for which Tom cruise is know, is slightly near expectation, but not extraordinary. They are running to save the world and simultaneously entertaining you. Mission Impossible-3 loses lot of ground at many places, and after giving two excellent movies, our expectations from Tom cruise will be definitely more.

One more lose point of movie is Tom cruises single handed try to carry the movie on his shoulders. Mission impossible has given a good try to portray the lives of people in China and its increasing world importance. Movie is a good time pass but not a memorable like previous series. Hope to see more good movies from Tom cruise in future.

A suicide of an educated girl

Suicides are common part of our society and we have learned to live with them. We are not much worried about their effect on our lives. We just listen to these news and move forward, without giving any attention to them. We do not consider that one day we may come on the same cross road. As par my knowledge, suicidal situations arises when person find him incapable of facing the real life situation. He or she loses all hopes and decides to do suicide. Recently, a highly educated girl from Himachal Pradesh (India) committed suicide. Why? Because, the boy whom she was going to married, was demanding huge money and a luxury car. Girl’s parents have no option, but to agree to these demands. However, if they have gone for it, they will be going to be in big trouble. While realizing all this and finding herself guilty for all this, she committed suicide. Now question is who is guilty? Boy, Boy’s parent, Society, Girl’s parent or girl herself. You may agree with me or not, I feel strongly that the girl was most guilty. She was a highly educated girl and matured girl. She has lived independently also. Why she was not able to fight with all this? And if she was unable then what will be the fate of millions of uneducated girls. Why she has not set an example for others? Why she was not able to book these dowry hungry creatures? I am asking all these questions mainly from girls. Are they are going to do the same or will fight against all this? If girls of today want to change all this then they have to take this fight in their own hands, without caring about what society is doing.

Story of two sisters

Story of two sisters
She was looking outside the window and gazing something. She was an old woman in her seventies. Her face was pale yellow. She was looking, as she was in great grief. Her eyes were cold without any expression. It looked that she had lost all the hopes from her life. At present, she was at her younger sister’s house. Her sister which was in early seventies, was a more vibrant and energetic woman. Both sisters have lost their husbands. I wondered why there was such a difference in appearance of these two sisters. What has happened in last fifty years which have changed their outlook towards life? The answers can be found in their lives. The sister which was sad has started her life with lot of happiness and richness. She was got married to a very rich and smart man. However, her luck has not favored her; she lost her all wealth with the passage of her life. Her husband became a drunkard and sold everything they own. Her children are no more interested in taking her responsibilities. After starting a good life, she was moving towards an end which was depended on others. She was not able to see any light in this darkness. On the other hand, her sister has everything, reverse of it. She was married to an ordinary looking clerk with few rupees monthly income. However, after ten years of marriage her fate changed when her husband started a small business and got success in it. Her children succeeded to the higher posts of society. She was now named among the highly successful old woman in her locality. She always felt proud for being able to live this life.

Book review- "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"

The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a fable written by famous motivational writer Mr. Robin S. Sharma. This book through the medium of a fable tries to give some unique lesson for living a healthy and fulfilling life in present stressful world. Today’s world is running very fast and therefore most the people are not able to get time for their own betterment. We remain highly busy is achieving goals and earning money; however we forget to consider about health.

At some time, when people have everything in world, but unfortunately, they do not have health to enjoy all this. The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a book written with this basic purpose in mind to educate people about giving full importance to all important elements of life like health and peace. It focuses on the benefits of good health and peaceful life. This book also gives emphases on ancient wisdom which is available with sages from many centuries. It folds open in front of us many wisdoms from ancient times. By following the direction provided in book any person can easily improve his or her life.

This book stresses on the need of regular meditation, exercise and positive attitude, through which a person can achieve ultimate personality and look twenty years younger. Robin Sharma has presented number of facts very logically in the form a story. Book is able to maintain interest of its readers and definitely one can improve his life by maintaining a balance between health and work. All these qualities qualify this book for everyone’s personal library.

Book review- "Wings of Fire"

“Wings of Fire” is an autobiography of former President of India and an eminent scientist Shri A P J Abdul Kalam. It is very important for every Indian and especially for youth to read this autobiography. It is not because he is a former president and an eminent scientist, therefore every Indian should read it, however this autobiography really has good knowledge to share with us, a knowledge which is very difficult to get elsewhere.

This autobiography is different in many ways as it tells us many lessons with true examples. This book tells us the story of a Muslim boy, who became the President of a Hindu dominated country by hard world and dedication. It gives us an inside look into the lives of Muslims in India and relationships between Hindu and Muslim communities in India. It tells us, how common Hindu and Muslim respect each other’s religion.

“Wings of Fire” is the story of a small boy achieving his dreams despite all the odds. This real story tells us the role of family, relatives, and friends in helping a person in achieving his goals.
This book tells to us, how to live for our country. This book shows the determination of India and it’s scientists in achieving excellence in space and missile technology.

This book provides an inside look into the success and failures of Indian space and missile technology programs. Book gives a good presentation about the role of eminent scientists in shaping our country’s future. This book is a must for every student because this book has the power to motivate a person to excel in life. “Wings of Fire” is a clear example of achieving one’s goals, while fulfilling the commitment towards the country.

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Internet Television- A reality today

When internet initially was first introduced then nobody must have imagined that internet will become answer for so many things for which we today depend on other alternatives. Up to now we all are using television for watching various TV channels but now we can think of watching our favourite TV channels on computer through a high speed internet connection. Today, there are lots of TV channel available on net and we can watch them for free of cost. All this has become a big reality, thanks to broadband internet connections. With the broadband internet connection available in most of the countries, people can think of many things, which were unthinkable earlier. Now, everyone can enjoy live chat with superior voice and video quality. With the revolutions in the bandwidth, it is possible to watch favourite TV channels on computer. Although, still more work is required to be done on this before enjoying internet television and still we require more increase in the bandwidth for having more fun on internet. Governments should release their controls over high bandwidths and make them available for common man. To get the list of free internet channels on net one can log on to Here, one can get number of channels from world over. The main advantage is that one can now watch the channels of other country, which was a distinct dream earlier.

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Panic Selling

Panic selling these two words, we hear very often whenever there is huge dip in market. It may be share market, other commodity market or food markets. Much news about the panic selling we hear in crashing market and how many people losing their hard earned money? Now what are these panics selling and who these panic sellers are? Panics selling are selling which result out of fear factor which arises due to sudden crash in market. Last week there was a news of a share market investor losing 50 crore rupees in market and finally caught trying to do suicide. Panic selling can be done by anyone by a big, small or medium investor. Panic selling has some relation with the psychological structure and with the power of person to visualize the situation. Sudden crashes in the market send triggering response to the mind to sell. This trigger is different for different kind of people, for some it is small up and down in market and for others it is large scale up and down. There can not be any hard and fast rule for, who will suffer more or less from panic selling. However the investors who have more deep understanding of the market and are able to visualize long term situations are less likely to suffer from panic selling. Moreover to avoid panic selling it is advisable to take calculated risks and try to be away from greed. Make a detailed research before investing in market and must have advance plans for adversities. Investors should not react to what others are doing, but instead make their own assessments.

Why some people only follow?

Why some people only follow?It can be seen in every part of world that most of the people in this world are followers. They believe in following others and not leading them. This statement even may be true for me as a writer or for you as a reader. Now this follower ship can be direct or implied one. This is not our fault because in our life, we learn most of the things by following others. We learn walking by following the steps of our parents. Moreover all this is present in the basic nature of all living beings; it may be man or animal world. Most of the animals live in groups and one leader leads them. It is also seen in real life situation that in difficult situations most of people only follow e.g. in a train accident it was proved that many people lost their lives by following others in the wrong direction without using their own intelligence. Yes, this is the fate of most of the follower in this world. I do not want to say that following is bad but following someone without using our mind is a suicide. We are required to give an inside into these things. Otherwise we will never be able to reach our ultimate potential.

Mutual funds and their role in wealth management

Mutual funds can play a vital role in creating wealth management. The way of creating wealth through mutual funds is highly suitable for people who do not want to take much risk. Though there are also some risks associated with mutual funds. People can lose their hard earned money by investing in mutual funds. However, for people who can afford to take some risk, mutual funds provides an attractive offer. The major advantage with the mutual funds is that with investing in the mutual funds we are not required to think or plan much, only what we need is a good mutual fund which can offer us a considerable return.

In the last five years mutual funds in India have seen a considerable growth in penetration and returns. Many people have got benefited with this boom of mutual funds. People who are earlier shy of investing in share market, where investing in mutual funds. Today mutual funds are available for everyone, from a common man to a big money owner. Systematic investment plans have come as an attractive plan to invest small money and that in regular intervals. Moreover mutual funds provide the tax saving benefits also making investments more attractive. There are many success story of good return from mutual available in market.

By making a good choice one can think of getting good returns. There are many free advices which are available on the net. By registering at any of this service one can get free updates weekly about the performance of mutual funds. There are many live examples where mutual funds have played significant role in the wealth management of many people. If gone with planning, one can make his hundred rupees in to thousands, thousands in to lakhs and lakhs in to crores. An ordinary man can think of getting one month salary extra through good investment and in future may be more than that.

Our future is determined by what decisions we take today.

Why I sometime don’t know?

Why I sometime don’t know?
I am unable to get the answer to this simple question that why I sometime don’t know, what I want in life? What is good for me? And what will be perfect choice for me? I always wonder why there are so many choices. All these are only making my life some more difficult to live. The smart I try to become, more fool I came out in the end. Is this the story of my life? or others are also suffering from it. I feel to some extant we all are suffering from it. Severity of this depends on the personal nature of a person and how he takes the life. The other reason behind all this is not having any clear guidelines for life or simply not having trust on our self and on our loved ones. It is very difficult to measure the deepness of this question. It is this question which makes us to continuously wonder about the future. The answer to this question is not more intelligence because with more intelligence this question becomes more complicated. The only answer to this question is faith or total surrender decision maker. With faith we should be able accepts whatever comes in our life. This will only make our life more rich and fulfilling.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita – A great science to live life.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita is not only a religious book whom we should pay respect rather it is the voice of God himself written in words. Bhagavad Gita is same powerful as the God himself. It provides us with unique and simple way to become God our self. You may say how a man can become God or if the powers of God given to man then he may start destroying other human beings. This is not true, if one read Gita step by step and simultaneously implement it in his life then he can attain the Godhood, then he will no more be a common human being. He will become a person who has lifted himself above from greed, selfishness and worldly desires. He no more requires big achievements but still he do miracles. People who will really and heartedly follow Gita will never live a life of sufferer in this world. He will not only transform his own life but also change the life of many. By spreading the message about Gita, I am not trying to spread any religion. The sayings of Gita find a comfortable place with every religion. Gita doesn’t tell to follow any religion, however it guides us to live a rich and value centered life. Any person can follow the words of Gita and improve his or her life. The things written in Gita are scientifically written and can get proved through psychology. It provides us ways to conquer our weaknesses and become a strong person. Only reading or respecting of Gita is not enough to understand the hidden principles of Gita. A deep meditation and a good guiding Guru is required to achieve this purpose
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