Mother and child relation

According to old Indian scriptures and saints, mother plays the most important role in the child development. Child grabs most of his properties and character from his mother. Child remain inside the womb of mother for nine months, all this makes an unexplainable bond between them which exists between them for whole life. These scriptures say that child behavior starts taking shape even before birth. In India, when woman are pregnant then they are told to read good books and think positive thoughts because it is believed that mothers feelings and thoughts effect the child. Scriptures says that saints are born from mothers who are pure in their thoughts. According to them behind every good person there is an equally good mother. Even after birth, child depends on mother for most of his requirements. If we compare parents them we will definite find mothers more impulsive and caring for their children. Bond between mother and child is inseparable and is beyond our explanations. Mother devotes herself whole heartedly for the well fare of child. Many examples of mothers are there who have compromised with their career and advancement for the well fare of child. A mother will always value her child even before his birth. Her child will always be a hero for her, even he achieve anything or not. A child can never repay the efforts made by his mother.
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