Internet Television- A reality today

When internet initially was first introduced then nobody must have imagined that internet will become answer for so many things for which we today depend on other alternatives. Up to now we all are using television for watching various TV channels but now we can think of watching our favourite TV channels on computer through a high speed internet connection. Today, there are lots of TV channel available on net and we can watch them for free of cost. All this has become a big reality, thanks to broadband internet connections. With the broadband internet connection available in most of the countries, people can think of many things, which were unthinkable earlier. Now, everyone can enjoy live chat with superior voice and video quality. With the revolutions in the bandwidth, it is possible to watch favourite TV channels on computer. Although, still more work is required to be done on this before enjoying internet television and still we require more increase in the bandwidth for having more fun on internet. Governments should release their controls over high bandwidths and make them available for common man. To get the list of free internet channels on net one can log on to Here, one can get number of channels from world over. The main advantage is that one can now watch the channels of other country, which was a distinct dream earlier.

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