Book review- "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"

The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a fable written by famous motivational writer Mr. Robin S. Sharma. This book through the medium of a fable tries to give some unique lesson for living a healthy and fulfilling life in present stressful world. Today’s world is running very fast and therefore most the people are not able to get time for their own betterment. We remain highly busy is achieving goals and earning money; however we forget to consider about health.

At some time, when people have everything in world, but unfortunately, they do not have health to enjoy all this. The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a book written with this basic purpose in mind to educate people about giving full importance to all important elements of life like health and peace. It focuses on the benefits of good health and peaceful life. This book also gives emphases on ancient wisdom which is available with sages from many centuries. It folds open in front of us many wisdoms from ancient times. By following the direction provided in book any person can easily improve his or her life.

This book stresses on the need of regular meditation, exercise and positive attitude, through which a person can achieve ultimate personality and look twenty years younger. Robin Sharma has presented number of facts very logically in the form a story. Book is able to maintain interest of its readers and definitely one can improve his life by maintaining a balance between health and work. All these qualities qualify this book for everyone’s personal library.
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