Why some people only follow?

Why some people only follow?It can be seen in every part of world that most of the people in this world are followers. They believe in following others and not leading them. This statement even may be true for me as a writer or for you as a reader. Now this follower ship can be direct or implied one. This is not our fault because in our life, we learn most of the things by following others. We learn walking by following the steps of our parents. Moreover all this is present in the basic nature of all living beings; it may be man or animal world. Most of the animals live in groups and one leader leads them. It is also seen in real life situation that in difficult situations most of people only follow e.g. in a train accident it was proved that many people lost their lives by following others in the wrong direction without using their own intelligence. Yes, this is the fate of most of the follower in this world. I do not want to say that following is bad but following someone without using our mind is a suicide. We are required to give an inside into these things. Otherwise we will never be able to reach our ultimate potential.

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