What is more important health or money?

If we ask this question to people then 99% people will give answer for health. This is true, we all agree with this answer. We all know the value of health. However, the problem is that we are earning money by compromising our health. Sometimes our work takes control of us in such a way that health takes the back seat. Most of people realize the value of health when they have lost it and now they lose their money to restore health. But unfortunately their money is not enough to get back the health. No one in this world can purchase his passed youth and health. We may earn huge sum of money and every thing of comfort may be available at our door. But, without health it is not possible to enjoy this wealth and health. More over no price can be set for healthy youth time. Earning money is not a wrong thing. Everyone should try for earning good money, but that should not be at the cost of health. Good health itself is like big money in hand.

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