In the memory of my son

As par the article published in leading Indian weekly magazine “The Week”, a 62 years old person has dig up a 60 feet wide and 60 feet deep pond on his own land. He lives in an area of Bihar (India), which is severely hit by drought every year. It took him 8 years to complete this pond and whole of the pond is made by him single handedly. For the last 8 years he was working continuously to make this pond. He did not stop for a single day, even in illness. When he started digging pond then people did not believe him, however, now those same people recognize and praise his efforts. Initially, many people took his efforts as madness and advised to send him to a mental hospital. However, this man remained firm on his goal and continued to work in all the conditions. All these efforts are done by him in the memory of his late 26 years old son, who was killed by some people. His son always wanted a pond in the village. Today, his pond has emerged as a solution for irrigation problem in village. This article is a clear example of self-belief in converting one's dreams into reality. We all can also achieve our goals with constant efforts and self-belief of achieving it. Achievement is a result of our determination and hard work. Many times, we fail because we are not honest in our efforts and compromises with them. The world may laugh at us initially, but it will change side when it sees our dreams becoming into realities.

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