Movie Review- Mission Impossible-111

Third film of mission impossible series is finally in front of us. Like the earlier two movies, people also have lot of expectations from this one too. Tom cruise lovers all over the world are excited to see this movie. However, especially girls will not like that their hero Tom cruise is going to marry some one else in this film. And, yes MI-111 is all about love, emotion and finally action to save love.

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This time Tom cruise decided to marry his friend and finally lands up in saving her. This movie MI-3 looks some what inspired from James bond series. Ok, about action for which Tom cruise is know, is slightly near expectation, but not extraordinary. They are running to save the world and simultaneously entertaining you. Mission Impossible-3 loses lot of ground at many places, and after giving two excellent movies, our expectations from Tom cruise will be definitely more.

One more lose point of movie is Tom cruises single handed try to carry the movie on his shoulders. Mission impossible has given a good try to portray the lives of people in China and its increasing world importance. Movie is a good time pass but not a memorable like previous series. Hope to see more good movies from Tom cruise in future.

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