Obesity is going to become a biggest problem in India

Obesity is going to become a biggest problem in India. India which was earlier known for its slim and healthy people is going to reshape itself into new colors. Obesity is known to be associated with western countries. However, Indian’s have determined to replace western countries from the chart. Indian especially from urban and semi urban area are becoming more and more obese and the major concern is that all this is happening due to life style changes. Today’s Indians can easily afford cars and two-wheelers, therefore reducing their chances for walk. Junk foods are easily available even in the remotest town of India. Diets habits are severely hit by the fast life style. Earlier people of different region eat food according to the geographic suitability. In hilly areas people eat food rich in fats and carbohydrates. People living near sea enjoy sea food more. There was a culture of traditional food which suits the needs of that area. This is the reason why people eat different food. However, people are slowly forgetting about these traditional foods which are balanced in diet. Many highly nutritious foods are discontinued, due to difficulty in making or due to less availability. Therefore, today’s Indian is not eating a healthy food. Second problem is irregularity in eating. Due to business people miss meal many times a month and this is sometimes combined with impulsive overeating. Business and mental tension leads to psychological disorders like IBS and IBD. Other big issue which is concerning is that people are becoming fat from stomach region. There whole body changes by only 10%, but there stomach becomes double in size. According to latest repots this visceral fats are major culprit behind cardiac and diabetic disorders. Indian can replace all this by simply reversing to previous settings.

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