A Total surrender

In Bhagwad Geeta, Lord Krishna has said that whosoever surrenders in me in totality becomes my favourite and I take care of him in all difficulties. I take care of all his grieves, as my own. He further said that he is most lovable to me and with total surrender he becomes one with me. At this time no one can differentiate between the god and devotee. Devotee is god and god is devotee. Krishna further said I became servant of these devotees, who have total surrender in me. Total surrender to god is a great experience and it is exercised by the people of all religions.

Sufism is a great example of total surrender, surrender, in which person even forgets about himself. Those people who surrender completely themselves to god, starts feeling strange power of god in them. They can communicate with him and can see him. Many saints have lived all around the world, which have showed a great example of surrender. There are examples of people, in surrender who have drunk poison and nothing happened to them. Total surrender requires a great faith, a faith which is remains fixed in all the circumstances. We all can get the help of surrender for uplifting our lives.

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