Movie Review- Fanna (Hindi Movie)

Fanna is the latest movie on Indian cinema. However, Fanna was in news before its release. Even still fanna is not released in cinema halls across Gujarat. I am not going to discuss any controversy. Fanna made under yash raj banners and staring Amir Khan and kajol. Fanna has good music which provides lot of entertainment while watching the movie. Songs are will choreographed. Fanna has beautifully portrayed the beauty of Kashmir.

Fanna is a try to give different color to Kashmir problem and film is successful in it to some extent, because if we seriously want to solve the Kashmir issue then we have to look into all angles. Fanna shows us the expectation of common Kashmiri youth. Through the way of Fanna, director has put forward the problem of Kashmir and its effect of kashmiri’s living their. How terrorism can affect people and their families?

About the acting all the characters are fine. There are some weaknesses in direction and hero centric story. Film is a good try to say something, but does not lead to perfect end. Amir Khan, though well in acting, loses ground at some places. Return of kajol was excellent, despite being a mother of one child; she has done justice with her role. All over Fanna is a good experiment, but not the best which one can expect.

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