When sometime we fail?

Failures are import part of our life. Every one faces them at some point in their life. We may face a failure due to n number of reason. Some times we are not prepared, some times what is expected from us is more than what we can deliver, some time luck fails us, sometimes our health betrays us or sometimes may be other reasons. There will be hardly any person in this world, who would like to fail? A fear of failure always remains with us and sometimes also leads to our failure. If, we rate between success and failure then the chances of failure are always more and with the passage of time world is becoming more failure driven. More and more things are becoming mere competitions and increasing chances of our failure. Today, even a five year old child is worried about failure. Today’s failures are taking the shape of more worst fears and there numbers are more as compared to fifty years back. When fifty years back a person fails five times, however, today we can expect a person to fail fifty times. So much of expectations and failures reduce our energy to face life and even may force some people to commit suicides. Today, we are living in a world which wants success but do not want to accept the other side of coin, which is a failure. One big problem with failure is that they affect the remaining life of person very hardly. Some people got drown in their failures and just waste their remaining life. Other major problem in failures is reaction of world. World may react sharply on you or may criticize you. There is no fun in giving them undue importance, only take if some learning is there. We should be ready to face our failures and learn from them to become a person, who is above success and failures. By persistent hard work, we can achieve anything, which may look impossible today.

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