A suicide of an educated girl

Suicides are common part of our society and we have learned to live with them. We are not much worried about their effect on our lives. We just listen to these news and move forward, without giving any attention to them. We do not consider that one day we may come on the same cross road. As par my knowledge, suicidal situations arises when person find him incapable of facing the real life situation. He or she loses all hopes and decides to do suicide. Recently, a highly educated girl from Himachal Pradesh (India) committed suicide. Why? Because, the boy whom she was going to married, was demanding huge money and a luxury car. Girl’s parents have no option, but to agree to these demands. However, if they have gone for it, they will be going to be in big trouble. While realizing all this and finding herself guilty for all this, she committed suicide. Now question is who is guilty? Boy, Boy’s parent, Society, Girl’s parent or girl herself. You may agree with me or not, I feel strongly that the girl was most guilty. She was a highly educated girl and matured girl. She has lived independently also. Why she was not able to fight with all this? And if she was unable then what will be the fate of millions of uneducated girls. Why she has not set an example for others? Why she was not able to book these dowry hungry creatures? I am asking all these questions mainly from girls. Are they are going to do the same or will fight against all this? If girls of today want to change all this then they have to take this fight in their own hands, without caring about what society is doing.

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