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“Thoughts of an ordinary man” is the name of my blog, which I have started few months back. Today my blog is in initial stage, with approximately 220 published articles. Through my blog, I try to put forward my feelings, my learnings and my thoughts. Those things which attract my attention, I try to put them in my blog. I like to write about my beloved nation India and the problems faced by it. This blog provides me, a way to put forward my concerns. In my blog, I raised few issues which are of great concern to my nation. So far, my blog is not a specialist on any subject and may not be in future also. It is only a simple blog with ordinary thoughts. I try to surprise people with writing on new and different topics, all this also enrich my writing. In my blog, I have written on terrorism, social issues, spiritual thoughts, tourism, travel, friends, women issues, poverty and many more things. In future also I will try to more diversify my blog. My thoughts are my view of life and do not imply on anybody. My main motive of writing is to write some thing different and with deep meaning. I am a new writer of few months; therefore I am learning lot of things. My present aim is to publish 1000 post in this blog. This blog provides me a way to reach others. I do not want others do the same mistakes which I have done in my life. If my writing can help others then this will be a great achievement for my blog.
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