Fast world of computing

Today, we all live in a fast world of computing which is making our life very fast. We can easily connect with large numbers of people from across the world with the help of internet and computers. Notebooks/computers are easily accessible to billions of people across the world and fast internet connections are making them live machines. Due to this infusion, we can call our notebooks as netbooks. Net has provided a great power to these machines and made communication very easy. Slowly, prices of computers and internet connections are going down thus allowing more numbers of people to get benefit of this wonder. This revolution has also changed working style of many people across the world and they can now easily work from their homes. Future clearly belongs to more fast and advance technology which can add more speed to our lives.

Revival of Indian stock market

Slowly, Indian stock market is giving some signs of recovery because India stock market has bounced back from its worst crisis. Many stock prices have increased three to four times of their prices from last four months back prices. However, the main problem is that uncertainty is still not completely out of market. Indian economy is likely to grow at 6% this year also but numbers of factors like draught situation in major parts of India can create big problems in times ahead.

Therefore, time has again come for taking wise investment decisions. Draught like conditions in most parts of India is likely to decrease production of food grains thus increasing prices of essential food grains. Now when people will spend more money on food which they cannot avoid then their expenditures on other items is likely to decrease thus causing decrease in sales of numbers of items. Further winter lean months are coming and world economy is not showing big signs of fast recovery.

In this kind of situation, it is difficult for Indian stock market to show more extraordinary results. Therefore, it looks unwise to look for more steep increase in Indian stock market in next 4 months especially. People are required to avoid any rush buying by seeing increasing stock prices; however, they can look for systematic investment in stock market with long tern prospective.

Indian stock market can take one or two major corrections in coming months to give final positive results. People can get benefits of these corrections for fresh buying. Overall, there is good a sign of revival in stock market and already it is near 1600 points; however, caution is mantra of present time.

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How to fold a T Shirt in 2 second? (Video)

Below, people can watch a very interesting video “How to fold a T shirt in 2 second”. After watching this video, people can easily learn to fold their T shirts in just 2 seconds. If you do not believe then you can watch it yourself below.

Adventure of Paintball

Today, we can easily find many attractive games available in front of us which we can easily play with our friends. Paintball is also one such popular game which allows people to play different adventurous games with their friends. People can easily play police-thief, army-army or anything of their choice. In this game, people are required to eliminate their opponents by hitting them with pellets which contain paint. Any person who is hit by a pellet is considered dead and out of game. This game has already become very popular in many parts of world and some places we can even attend paintball competitions. People can easily get the help of various packages like paintball marker package for buying all essential items required for playing paintball at less price. People can easily search for numbers of great options available online for buying paintball stuff. Generally, no training is required to play this game; however, it is important to take necessary precautions to avoid any enquiry.

Who win Maharashtra assembly election 2009? (Opinion Poll)

Maharashtra assembly will take place in the month of October and we can anytime expect announcement of dates of election. With just few days left for Maharashtra assembly election, people across India have started to ask this question that who will win Maharashtra Assembly election 2009? The main fight in Maharashtra is between BJP-Shiv Sena combine and ruling Congress-NCP combine. There are total 288 seats in Maharashtra assembly and any alliance or party is required to win more than 144 seats to form next government.

Congress-NCP alliance will again hope to form government in Maharashtra for third time in row while BJP-Shiv Sena will hope to replace Congress-NCP from power. In recently held Loksabha Election 2009, NCP-Congress alliance was ahead of BJP-Shiv Sena alliance; therefore, NCP-Congress alliance will again hope to do well in assembly election; however, internal relations are not totally smooth between Congress and NCP because of decreasing base of NCP and increasing strength of Congress.

Many Congress leader of Maharashtra even want to go alone in this assembly election by breaking alliance with NCP. Situation is also same in BJP-Shiv Sena alliance in which BJP looks to be losing its ground. Second important factor is this election is Raj Thackeray’s party MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) which can make or break dreams of any of these alliances. Overall, situation is very tough in Maharashtra and slight swing can affect final results.

As per present information and various surveys, Congress- NCP alliance has slight edge over BJP-Shiv Sena alliance and it can win 125-150 seats whereas BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is likely to win 90-115 seats. MNS and others can win 10-35 seats; however, slight change in vote share can easily show very surprising results.

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Haryana Assembly Election 2009

Congress lead Haryana Government wants to repeat success of 2009 Loksabha Election where Congress won 9 seats out of 10 Loksabha seats; therefore, it has asked governor of Haryana to dissolve present assembly so that assembly elections can be held soon. Now, Haryana Assembly Elections 2009 are expected to take place simultaneously with Maharashtra Assembly election which will be held during the month of October, 2009.

With early election, Congress again want to repeat history of 2005 assembly election where it almost swept Haryana Assembly by winning 67 seats out of total 90 seats. Opposition parties even failed in winning double digit seats, only independents managed to win 10 seats. Situation of other parties was BJP 2, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) 9, BSP 1 and NCP 1. There are total 90 seats in Haryana Assembly and any party needs support of 46 MLAs to make government.

As per some surveys and estimates, Congress is clearly ahead in race for Haryana Assembly and it is likely to win 50 to 60 seats this times. Opposition parties like INLD, BJP can improve their numbers; however, they are not likely to make much success because of split in BJP-INLD alliance and lack of ground support for these parties. Opposition parties in Haryana really need some miracle to stop Congress party from winning Haryana Assembly election again; though, matters like increasing prices of food grains can cause some problem to Congress.

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Perfect Look and importance of shoes

Shoes can play a very important role in giving perfect look to any person; therefore, it becomes very important t to choose our shoes with lot of care. We can easily find large numbers of shoes of different designs from different leading brands. It is very important for any person to choose shoes which suits him best. It is always a good option to choose shoes of big brands like Dansko, because we can easily find attractive designs from these brands. Moreover, shoes of leading brands provide a great help in getting good look. These shoes are also much comfortable for wearing as compared to shoes of cheap brands. It is also important to buy shoes which provide comfort to our feet then only buying shoes which provide just looks and no comfort. Shoes of leading brands take care of comfort of feet while providing stylish looking shoes.

Watch theatrical trailer movie “Amras”

Below, people can watch theatrical trailer of forthcoming movie “Amras”. This film is based of story of friendship between four teenage girls. In this film, people watch different difficulties faced by teenage girls managing their relationships.

Watch making of song “Discowale Kisko”

Below, people can watch making of song “Discowale Kisko” from forthcoming movie “Dil Bole Hadippa”. In this Yash Raj banner film Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapoor are playing main role. This film is likely to release on 18 sept, 2009 and Hindi movie fans have lots of expectations from this film.

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Truth of 1998 Pokhran Nuclear Tests

Today, a former Indian nuclear scientist K Santhanam, who was also part of 1998 Nuclear test conducting team, claimed that 1998 Indian Pokhran Nuclear tests were not completely successful. These remarks by a former Nuclear scientists have put credibility of 1998 Nuclear tests under doubt. Does then BJP government presented false picture in front of people to get benefit of Pokhran tests in Election. Govt of India has taken this statement of Santhanam very seriously and it will investigate this matter.

This matter has clearly put question mark on Nuclear power of India. Though, Santhanam also said that these tests were not completely failure; however, their results were not as per expectations. This news has again put question mark on credibility of then in power BJP government and former Indian president A P J Abdul Kalam, who was watching over these tests. Dr Kalam has already released his statement to media and he has said that 1998 Pokhran tests were completely successful and he has denied any failure in any test.

It looks that this fight will now go much ahead and we can see more allegations and counter allegation coming from different parties. Overall, this news is not good for India because India is facing Nuclear threats from its neighbours who are well capable with Nuclear weapons. It is important for our government to present right picture in front of people so that people should not doubt power of India.

Watch Miss Universe 2009 Stefanía Fernández Krupij (ceremony video)

Miss Venezuela Stefanía Fernández Krupij has won the crown of Miss Universe 2009 and now she is most beautiful women of this world. During the competition, she also won these titles Miss Elegance, Best Body and Best Face. Below, people can watch video of her Miss Universe 2009 winning ceremony.

Shilpa Shetty’s Curry

Now, people in UK will get option to eat Shilpa Shetty’s curry because Shilpa Shetty has bought stake in a UK food firm. Shilpa Shetty announced this news yesterday during a press conference. She has bought this stake with her friend Raj Kundra, a known UK businessman. After her win in Big Brother, Shilpa has become a big brand in UK and therefore, she wants to cash her brand image. Below, people can watch complete ANI report on this news.

I want to live freely

Today, we can easily find large numbers of people struggling for their lives and they find themselves being trapped by problems of life. These people want to live freely but they do not know how to solve their problems. Problems of life are nothing but wrong decisions of people which they take at wrong time due to social pressure. Once we take wrong decisions in life then we can only find problems and more problems in every part of our life.

Mostly, people take these wrong decisions because of our social system which put numbers of expectations on us like having a good career, having a family etc for getting social recognition. People run behind this social recognition and take numbers of socially acceptable decisions; however, people do not think that these decisions are truly making them happy or not. We can only live a happy life in this world when we know to take right decisions for ourselves and not for society shake.

Today, social life has become full of pressure and lots of people are taking extreme decisions like suicide once they fail to meet these expectations of society, People can easily think about living a free and happy life by starting to live for themselves and not for society. Moreover, true freedom is also not against society and it gives strong people to society. Therefore, we create a strong society by creating a strong and free individual.

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Solution of online storage

Today, large numbers of solutions are available in front of us and we can easily get the help of these solutions for solving our problems. Online data storage also comes under this category and people can easily get the help of various online storage solutions for storing their data online. The main advantage of online data storage is ability to access data from anywhere without any worry of loss of data. Increased amount of data can be easily stored with the help of various online storage solutions available in front of us. People can easily store data up to 100 GB for only $ 4.99/month. Therefore, we can say that for friction of cost people can easily store their useful data securely. Many people loss their important data because they fail in storing their data at a good place. Online storage is very unique, secure and cheap solution available in front of people for storing their data easily.

Watch Official Trailer movie “2012” (HD)

Below, people can watch trailer of forthcoming Movie “2012” in HD. This film is based on the concept of end of world on 21st Dec, 2012. According to some of old predictions like Mayan Calendar our world will come to end on 21st Dec, 2012. Therefore, Hollywood has decided to cash this concept. This film is full of many amazing actions and thrilling scenes creating fear of 2012. People can get some glimpse of it by watching trailer of film available below. This film is directed by Roland Emmerich (also directed films “Independence Day” and “The Day after Tomorrow”) and its cast includes John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton,Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. This film will be released worldwide on November 13, 2009.

Sunday Morning Cricket Match

Few years back, I used to play lots of Sunday Morning Cricket matches; however, lately because of busy life I stopped playing these matches. Today, I got one good chance to play a Sunday Morning Cricket Match with some new and unknown friends. It was quite a beautiful experience to revive old memories of playing cricket. Game of cricket is very popular in India and we can easily find children and people playing game in every corner of India. We people really enjoy this game and we never miss any opportunity to play it.

We all know that game of cricket is very popular in India and Indians take lot of interest in watching cricket games; though, no one turned to watch our game; however, we never expected anybody to watch our game because it was less of cricket and more of fun. Next Sunday, I am again hoping to play some good matches of cricket. Today, our team was made of many experienced and inexperienced people, some even having national level cricket experience while other like me with Gali cricket experience. Overall, it was a great fun filled experience which remained me of my old time.

True Friends

There are few things in life which are not easy to find and true friends also come under this category. We came across numbers of people in our lives and some of them become our friends; however, very small numbers of people actually become our true friends. Most of friendships we see in present world are driven by personal or professional expectations and these kinds of friendships can never lead us to the levels of true friendship.

True friendship is like bless and people who enjoy true friendship are real blessed ones. Today, we are living in an alone world where people are becoming more and more alone with time. In this kind of environment, it further becomes difficult to find true friendship. Moreover, true friendship is not more of finding true friends but it is more of becoming a true friend first. If any person can successfully become a true friend then he can also in return find some true friends.

It is also very important to care for our true friends because we cannot treat them like our ordinary friends. Friendship is also a relation and numbers of things matter in it. It is not easy to clearly define all skills required for true friendship; however, first step is always to become a true friend oneself. If any person knows how to become a true friend then he definitely knows how to find true friends. True friendship is also not dependent of time, age, place or sex and we can find it in any form.

Water purifying needs

Today, we cannot trust purity of water following out of our taps because levels of water pollutions are increasing at alarming rates. Large numbers of people die across the world due to water born diseases. People can solve this problem by using water purifiers so that their family should get pure drinking water. People can easily find many good and economical purifiers in market like ukf7003axx. In recent times, many companies have came in to market with their water purifying products and most of these products ordinary people can easily afford. By drinking pure water, we can easily save ourselves from water born diseases. It is very difficult to trust our governments that they can provide pure drinking water to us because water supply systems are in very bad shape and condition. Therefore, it becomes important to get help of good water purifier for getting pure drinking water for our homes.

New Sexy Look Bipasha Basu

Big stars always came with many look changes to look attractive on screen. Bipasha Basu is one such star from Bollywood who believes in changing looks to look attractive. Recently, she has changed her look and people can watch some pictures of her in new look through video player available below.

Life is Simple

Today, we see lots of people struggling with their complex lives because they made their simple lives very complex. Life is very simple, if we can give importance to basic truth of life which is birth and death; however, we people add so many things in this life due to our expectations or ego and made our lives complex. Every person is born in this world and he is certain to die at some time in future.

To explain this concept, we can give the example of bubble of water which came in to existence for few seconds and soon disappear like it never appeared. We also live a similar life in this world, we take birth on this world and one day die to disappear permanently like we never existed. However, due to their ego people try to create so many things in life so that they can be remembered permanently in this world.

Ultimately, everything dies in this world only difference is some things die early and other late but everything dies for permanently. People who understand this concept, they never worry about creating a permanent existence for themselves or their belongings. These people only live like a water bubble and enjoy every second of their existence. It only depends on person that he wants to make his life simple or complex and it is our choice if we are living a simple life or complex life.

Advantage of product reviews

There are many options available in front of us through which we can get the advantage of product reviews. Various news papers, journals, and online websites publish numbers of good reviews and information related to large numbers of products. With the help of these reviews, we can easily make right decisions. Most of these reviews are based on the experience of other users; therefore, we can easily learn about the usability of products even without using them. People can easily find many good reviews online like best wrinkle cream reviews. Today, markets are full of many products and most of products make huge numbers of claims which are difficult for us to verify without using these products; however, thanks to these large numbers of reviews available in front of us we can easily make our decisions.

Video of new world record by Usain Bolt

22 year old Jamaican Fastest man on earth Usain Bolt has created a new history by making a new world record in semi finals of100 m race event in Berlin. He took only 9.58sec to complete this 100 m race which is new world record. Earlier, world record was also made by him. With this new record, Usain Bolt has clearly proved that he fattest man on this earth. Below, people can watch video of this event.

Movie Review “Life Partner”(Watch, Laugh and Forget)

Movie Life partner released last Friday and it is running well across India. This film basically comes under the category of films “Watch, Laugh and Forget”. People can definitely go to watch this movie and enjoy numbers of hilarious moments. Cast of film include Fardeen Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, Govinda, Genelia Dsouza, Prachi Desai and Anupam Kher etc. Director of film is Rumi Jaffery and this film is produced by Abbas Mastan.

This film is about two friends who have different thinking about marriage and before marriage relations. One friend fall in love and marry his love while other friend choose to do arrange marriage; however, story of both ends at divorce. This film also tries to highlight difficulties present in married life in a lighter manner while making people to laugh. People gets lot of opportunity to laugh through this film and this film can be rated as one time watch.

Acting wise all actors are OK and there is nothing extraordinary acting wise in this film. This is a good film to watch in the company of numbers of other people and laugh at numerous jokes present throughout the film. Overall, we can give rating 2 out of 5 to this film.

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Watch making of movie “Kaminey”

Below, people can watch making of recently released film “Kaminey”. This Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra starrer film has got mixed reviews; however, this film is presently running successfully on box office. Movie Review Kaminey

Child care

Child care is not an easy job in present world and many parents already know this fact. A child totally depends on his parents for his all care; therefore, it becomes responsibility of parents to provide all essential care to him. Today, people can also find many innovative child care products in market from brands like uppababy vista. Most of these products are making it easier for parents to manage their kids easily and provide good care to them. Numbers of good quality strollers are available from these big brands as per the need of people. Moreover, people can also get the help of online authorized stores to buy these stuffs. With proper child care, people can ensure good growth of their children and thus reducing their numbers of worries.

Video of Female fan trying to kiss Irfan Pathan

Attraction fo Indian cricket stars among female fans is very common and some times, we all got chance to see strange acts by these female fans. Yesterday, a female fan tried to kiss Irfan Pathan during an award ceremony; though, Irfan gently managed to stop her from kissing him. These kinds of public display of emotions and love for cricket stars is becoming common in present world where these female fans do not want to miss any opportunity. Below, people can watch video of this complete episode.

Aishwarya Rai Down with Swin Flu like Symptoms?

Amitabh Bachchan has said in his blog that he is worried about his daughter in law Aishwarya Rai, who is suffering from Swine Flu like symptoms. Yesterday, Aishwaya had high fever and chest infection; however, today she is recovering fast. Amitabh Bachchan said in his blog that parents will always remain worried about their children even if they are settled in their lives. This news has caused panic in many Aishwarya Rai fans, who are praying for her fast recovery. So far, situation looks to be under control and we can expect fast recovery of Aishwarya soon from these infections. Below, people can also watch ANI report on this whole matter.

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Second wave of Swine Flu in India

Watch song "Hadippa The Remix" from DIL BOLE HADIPPA

Below, people can watch exclusive popular song “Hadippa The Remix” from forthcoming Movie Dil Bole Hadippa in HD quality. Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapoor are playing lead role in this film. This film is made by Yash Raj films. This film is expected to release on September 18, 2009. Hadippa song has already become very popular. Also visit-Watch making of song “Discowale Kisko”

Fight to remain healthy

Fight to remain healthy is very common in present world and large numbers of people are struggling to maintain a healthy body. One of the main problems which large numbers of people are facing is obesity and it is creating major problem in front of people who want to remain healthy. Slowly, obesity is becoming a global problem because of increase in intake of junk food and decrease in active life. Today, life has become very easy and people can easily order for numbers of items from their homes even without visiting any shop. Second, people are also using cars and scooters for most of travel, therefore actual exercise of body has decreased significantly. After reaching in acute conditions, people look for best diet pill so that they can reduce their fats. Large numbers of good products are also available in market; however, it is also important to work on all other parameters. It is very important to learn that health is our important part and it is not right that we have fight to remain healthy.

Does Ayurvedic Medicines works in Swine Flu?

Ayurveda is a great plant based medicinal science from India and people in India are taking benefits of many plant based medicines from ancient times. These kinds of drugs are also present in many other parts of world. Allopathic medicines are created through various chemical syntheses while Ayurvedic medicines are created by extracting useful substances from plants. Recently, two Ayurvedic medicines are found very useful in precaution against Swine Flu.

1) Tusli (Ocimum sanctum)- First drug in this category is Tulsi, this plant is grown in almost every part of India and this plant is even worshiped in India due to its numbers of medicinal properties. In numbers of studies, Tulsi plant is found to have anti pyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, this plants especially Tulsi leaves have significant role in treating respiratory infections, reducing cholesterol, reducing body glucose level. Tulsi plant also has good amounts of antioxidants in it. It is very hard to find so many important properties in a single plant; therefore, this plant is grown in almost every house of India. Due to large numbers of Tulsi properties, we can conclude that Tulsi can provide us protection in Swine Flu.

2) Giloi or Guduchi (Tinospora cordifoli)- Second important medicine is Giloi or Guduchi, this plant is also used for treating various ailments and it is believed as immune stimulator. This drug is part of almost every Ayruvedic drug because of its numbers of benefits like ant periodic, anti pyretic, anti inflammatory, alterative, diuretic etc. By regular eating Giloi or Guduchi, people can strengthen their immune system thus decreasing chances of getting infections like Swine Flu.

Both these drugs are very common in India and large numbers of people are already using them. Presently, no scientific study is available about their role in treating Swine Flu; however, one thing is clear that they can provide some protection to us against Swine Flu.

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Views of Shahrukh Khan on detention in US (Video)

Below, people can watch exclusive video of Shahrukh Khan after his detention in US. In this video Shahrukh Khan is sharing his thoughts with people about this whole episode. This episode has outraged his fans across the world and they want apology from airport authorities; However, Shahrukh Khan has said that he respect all procedures and formalities of any nation.

Movie Review Kaminey

Finally, era of films with dirty names has started and we can expect many such films with similar dirty names in future. Not only name of this film is Kaminey, but also many other dirty and double meaning words are used in this film. Therefore, this film is rated "A" by Indian film censor board. Now, this film only applies to people who do not mind watching such films like our most of audience because this film is running house full in most of cities. Story of this film mainly revolves around two twin brothers Charle (Shahid Kapoor) and Guddu (Shahid Kapoor).

After the death of their father both brothers choose separate paths of right and wrong and decides to not see each other again. Guddu chose path of right and Charle chose path of wrong. However, fate has something different stored for them which again bring them together in a difficult situation. I will not tell complete story because it will decrease interest of people in this film. Kaminey is basically a film with lesson for doing right things and how bad people mostly die at the end due to their bad deeds.

This film has also raised recent controversial issue of Marathi verses North Indian perfectly and exposed wrong intention of such politicians. Overall, story line is good and this film provides many new surprises. The main attraction of this film is innovative twist to old story of twin brothers. Acting wise also film scores over other films and complete caste of film provides a great support to this film. However, despite all these hypes, this film also lacks in many things like many times film becomes predictable and slow.

Main storyline of film is old; however, lot of new bollywood masala is added to make it a chatpati film. At the end, I will only say that Kaminey is still sensible and good film as compared to recent stupid films if people can tolerate some dirty words; however, it is also not a full perfect film.

My Rating- 3/5

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Taking Care of Dogs

It is very easy to find dog as pets in various homes across the world because dogs as pets provides many benefits to people. First a dog help’s in security of our homes by alerting us against dangerous situations. Second, a dog lives in our homes as a family member and entertains us with his various stupid actions. Therefore, thousands of types of different dog breeds are available in world and people choose their pet dog as per their taste and need. Small breeds of dogs are more for fun than security while big dogs provide a great security cover. I have great love for dogs and I used to have a big dog. It is not easy to bring up a dog and people are required to take care about various dog supplies. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get all dog supplies but thanks to internet and numbers of online stores we can easily buy numbers of dog supplies from them. Dogs are our greatest friends and we are also required to do everything in return to them.

Increasing racial abuse cases against Asians and Muslims in USA

After 9/11, numbers of cases of racial abuses against Asians and Muslims have increased many times in USA. US airlines are also following these footsteps and one of such example is recent misbehave with former Indian President Abdul Kalam Azad by US continental airlines. Today, one more similar incidence came forward when Indian super star Shahrukh Khan is detained in US by airport official because they found his name suspicious. Shahrukh Khan was detained for two hour; however, later released when Indian high commission in US intervened.

Numbers of such incidences are already reported by various Indians and Muslims in particular in US or while travelling with US airlines. All these incidences are shocking and show wrong approach on the side of US and US airlines, who are treating all Asians and Muslims as terrorists or suspect them as terrorists. If former Indian President and Indian super star are facing such problems then what kind of problem ordinary people of India will be facing. It is very important for Govt. Of India to give strict reply to US government to treat all Indians with full respect.

Watch how Zoozoos celebrate Independence Day?

Below, people can watch latest video of Zoozoos celebrating Independence Day. Zoozoos series of video advertisements are made by Vodafone India to attract Indian mobile users. Numbers of these advertisements have already become very popular and lots of people are enjoying them. On Independence Day, Zoozoos are showing us a way to celebrate Independence Day with Vodafone free Independence Day caller tunes.

Power of Concentration 2

Ability to concentrate holds a great power for any person and any person can easily achieve great heights in life by developing strong skill of concentration. Lack of concentration is one of the major reasons, why people fail in life. These people have all skills required for success; however, due to lack of concentration they fail in giving their 100% to job. Where as many ordinary people achieve great heights in life because of their command on skill of concentration. Ability to concentrate helps us in giving our 100% to whatever job we are doing.

Now when we give our 100% then chances of our success also increases many times. There are many ancient techniques available which helps a person in developing concentration skill. Mediation is one of most used technique for making strong our skill of concentration. Mostly, people are able to use very less amount of their energy for their work or goal because of lack of concentration; therefore, they do not produce good results.

It is important for all of us to remember that without concentration we make our opponents more strong and provide them an opportunity to fail us. Second, it is very difficult to fail a person who is totally concentrated towards his or her job/goal. Concentration is an art which helps us in utilising our all energies towards single goal. People who understand power of concentrate mostly always achieve their goals.

Without concentrate even a skilled person can lose hundreds of battles of life. Therefore, it is important to add power of concentration in our lives if we want to succeed in life.

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Interview of Shahid Kapoor on Kareena Kapoor

Below, people can watch very interesting interview of Shahid Kapoor on his relationships with Kareena Kapoor. Today, Shahid Kapoor and Karina Kapoor are not together but their relationship is still a hot topic. Both of them have said many times that they both have now settled in their new life.

Baba Ramdev’s treatment/cure for Swine Flu

Yesterday, famous Indian Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev also came forward with prevention cum cure for Swine Flu patients. Baba Ramdev suggested two important plants Giloi (Tinospora cordifoli) and Tusli (Ocimum sanctum) for prevention and curing Swine Flu. According to Baba Ramdev, these two plants have great power to strengthen our respiratory system so that no virus including Swine Flu can affect us. According to him regular intact of these two plants can easily prevent Swine Flu. Moreover, he also asserted that these plants can also fight Swine Flu virus.

Use of Tulsi and Giloi is very common in India and already people across India are using these plants because of their power to control respiratory infections. Tulsi is almost grown in every house of India and large numbers of people already eat it’s leafs daily because of its various medicinal properties. Other than these two plants, Baba Ramdev also suggested two Yoga asanas for people. He said that people can stop Swine Flu infection by performing Pranayama and Anuloma Viloma Yogas daily morning.

These both Yogas are supposed to clear our respiratory system from infections. According to him, people can easily make themselves safe by eating these plants and doing these two yoga asanas daily.

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Need for clearing Junk

It is very important to maintain a clean environment around us because clean environment decreases chances of many harmful diseases. Today, we can easily find lot of junk present around us which is making our environment dirty. It is important for people responsible for dirt and junk to do some necessary measures to clean it on time so that other people can live in a clean environment. In many developed countries, there are lot of services like NJ junk removal which offer cleaning of such junk. Here in India, it is very difficult to find such services and people are required to do their private arrangements to dispose such materials. Therefore, responsibility of people increases many times to take right actions and help us in making a clean environment for us. We also need help of private sector to come forward and do some good job in this segment.

11 Deaths from Swine Flu

Number of deaths from Swine Flu has increased to 11 in India and there are estimates that these numbers can increase further. Swine Flu cases are also coming from other parts of India from Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala. So far condition is under control and government is also planning to allow private hospitals to conduct test for Swine Flu and treat Swine Flu patients; however, Swine Flu tests will cost around Rs 25000 in private hospitals and people will required to buy a strip of Tamiflu tablet for Rs 4000.

Therefore, most of people definitely like to treat themselves in Govt Hospital because they are treating people for free. Govt of India is stockpiling Tamiflu tablet for any emergency condition, Govt has already sending Tamilu tablets to all district headquarters. People are advised to avoid public gatherings and use all precautions to avoid this flu because prevention is better than cure.

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List of Swine Flu (HINI) control rooms and Nodal officers statewise

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List of Swine Flu (HINI) control rooms and Nodal officers statewise

Below, people can find statewise list of all control rooms set by all state governments to control Swine Flu and to provide all help to people. People can contact these control rooms to get information on nearest Swine Flu treating Hospitals or other Swine Flu related information. Most of these control rooms are working 24 hours a day to provide help to people. People can also find names and contact numbers of Nodal officers of each state, who are looking over Swine Flu (HINI influenza) related matters.

Control Room- Office of The Addl. Director (Health Services), Hyderabad 040-24656852(T) [24x7]
Nodal Officer- Dr Ramswarup – 09989923781

Control Room- SSU IDSP, Directorate of Health Services, Naharlagun (Arunacgal Pradesh)
Tel: 0360-2245460, Telefax:: 0360-2244271 (only working hours)
Nodal Officer- Dr.L.Jampa 09436055743 [24x7]

Control Room- Office of the Director (Health Services), Guwahati.
0612-2280562, 2281232, 2290322(F) [24x7]
Nodal Officer- Dr Doley 0361-2642008, 09854066560

Control Room- Office of the Executive Director, State Health Society, Sheikhpura, Patna.
0612-2280562, 2281232, 2290322(F) [24x7]
Nodal Officer- Dr D K Gupta (Addl.Nodal officer)- 09430057795
Control Room In-charge (Dr BK Singh: 9470003023)

Control Room- State Surveillance Unit (IDSP), Directorate Health services, Old Nurses Hostel, DKS Mantralya Campus,Raipur 0771-2220011 [24x7]
Nodal Officer- Dr T K Agarwal (Deputy Director, Epidemic)-Nodal officer: 09926624162
Dr S N M Murti (Addl.N.O) 09425564418

Control Room- Office of Dy.Director (Epid), Commisionerate of Health Services Block No:5, Dr.Jivaraj Mehta Bhawan, Old Sachivalaya , Ahmedabad, Gujarat Tel: 079-23253334, Fax: 079-23250818 [24X7]
Nodal Officer- Dr.S.J.Gandhi [09825342899]

Control Room- Call Centre: 0832- 2458458
Nodal Officer- Dr.Tamba (09822123801)

Control Room- IDSP Cell, Directorate of Health Services, Kasumti, Shimla-9
Tel/Fax: 0177-2628046 [ during office hours]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Vinod Mehta(09418163500) [24X7]

Control Room- Office of the Director (Health Services),Sector-6, Panchkula
0172-2587346 [During office hours]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Aparajita Sondh (Nodal Officer) 09417931024 [24x7]

Control Room- Office of DHS, Srinagar, J& K Tel/Fax. No (0194) 2452697 (main) 2452052,2454706,243014 (24x7)
Nodal Officer- Dr.M.Ahmed (09419012355), Dr.Bashir Ahmed Dar (Addl.N.O) (09419017716)

Control Room- RIMS, RANCHI Chamber of Dr. A. K. Mathur (HOD Medicine) (09431176496)
(RIMS acting as Control Room)
Nodal Officer- Dr C.B Sharma (094311740820 Dr.Pradeep Baski (09431102461)

Control Room- Office of Addl.DHS (Public Health), Near Govt. General Hospital Trivandrum
TF:(0471) 2466828 [24X7]
Nodal Officer- Dr. Amar 09447451846 DR. SHAUKAT ALI (Joint Director,NICD)-09447702444
Dr K K Mohammad-09447327569

Control Room- Office of the Director (Health and Family Welfare),Anand Rao Circle, Bangalore-9
Phone no: 080-1056 [24X7]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Chelluraj 09901060584 Dr.Vasudev Murthi 09880024329


Control Room- Room no.137,First Floor, Swasthaya Bhawan,Mumbai. 022-22029070 022-22025830 [24X7]
Nodal Officer- Dr. Gawande (09420711426) Dr Awate-09423337556

Control Room- Office of the Joint Director (Health Services), Central Building , Pune 020-26124299 [24X7]
Nodal Officer- Dr. Desai-09822429266 Dr. Suresh Bohatre 09881364656

Control Room- Office of DHS, Medical Institutions, Nokrek Bldg. 3rd Secretariat,
Shillong, Meghalaya TF:(0364)2506498 [Office hour only]
Control room no 0364-2505842 Civil hospital Shilling [24x7]
Nodal Officer- Dr.R.R.Lanong, (09436102763)

Control Room- Medical Directorate, Office of DHS, Manipur, Room no-23, Lamphelpat
Manipur-795004 0385-2411668 (9am-6pm)
Nodal Officer- Dr Bhubon Chandra [09436021607]

Control Room- State Surveillance Unit, Directorate Health Services, Satpura Bhavan,
0755-4094192(TF) [Office hours only]
Nodal Officer- Dr. B N Chauhan 09826282249

Control Room- Civil hospital Aizwal 0389-2322318 102
Nodal Officer- Dr Sangawalar 0389-2313721

Control Room- SSU IDSP, Directorate of Health Services& FW, T.R .Hill, KOHIMA-797001.
Tel:(0370)2245016 [Office hours only]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Kebichusa (09436000463) [24x7]

Control Room- State Surveillance Unit, Director of Health Services, Heads of the Department Buildings, Bhubaneshwar. 0674-2390466 (TF) [24x7]
Nodal officer- Dr. V. Patnaik 0674-2390466

Control Room- Pariwar Kalyan Bhawan, Sector-34A, Chandigarh. Tel:(0172) 2621506
Nodal Officer- Dr. Deepak Bhatia 09814302403 [24x7] 0172-2621506(0)/0172-2620234(Fax)

Control Room- Office of the Director (Public Health), Swasthaya Bhawan, Jaipur.
0141-2225624 0141-2224831(F)
Nodal Officer- Mr. R K Meena ,IAS, Principal Sect.(Health)- Nodal Officer
Dr. O P Gupta(Addl.Nodal Officer)-0141-2229858 09829333936

Control Room- SSU IDSP, Health & F.W. Govt. of Sikkim 03592-204199 [Office hours only]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Y.D.Chingappa (09832079576) Tel:(03592)204199

Control Room- DHS building, PN Building, Gurkha Basti, Agartala
Tel/Fax:(0381) 2215879
Nodal Officer- Dr P Chatterjee (09436120711) Dr.R.K. Dhar (09436137652)

Control Room- Office of the Director (Public Health &Preventive Medicine), Central Malaria Laboratory, 359,Annasalai,Chennai-6 044-24321569 (TF) [24X7]
Nodal officer- DR. Elango, DHS, (09940610123)

Control Room- Office of DHS, IDSP, 107,Chander Nagar, Dehradun TF: 0135-2721792
0135-2729897 [Office Hours only]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Pankaj Jain(09412969502) [24x7]

Control Room- Swasthaya Bhawan,Luknow Control Room No-Tel:(0522)2616482
Fax:(0522)2622819 [24X7]
Nodal Officer- Dr Pyaremohan Srivastava 0522-2629106(TF) (09415181629)

Control Room- Chamber of Joint Director (Health Services), Swasthaya Bhawan, Sector-5,GN Block, Kolkata-91 (033)-23571192 [ 10 am to 7 pm on working days] [11 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday and Holidays]
Nodal Officer- Dr.Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Jt.DHS 033-23330180 (09831187818)

Control Room- G.B.Pant Hospital, Port Blair Tel:03192-230622,233473
Nodal Officer- Dr.Abhijit Roy,Dy.Director (H) (09474269315) T/F: (03192-232797)

Union Territories-

Control Room- Govt. Multispecialty Hospital, Sector-16, Chandigarh. Call Centre:102
Tel:(0172) 2700255
Nodal officer- Mr. H.C. Gera (09988212139) (0172)-2740408

Control Room- Office of DHS, Silvassa. T/F (0260)2642061,2641759
CONTROL ROOM NO- 0260-2642120
Nodal Officer- Dr.L.M.Patra DHS (09426117593)

Control Room- CHC, Daman. Tel:(0260)2230080 Fax:(0260)2230570 [24x7]
Nodal Officer- Dr.B.Hansraj (Daman) (09825142600) Dr.Das (Silvassa)

Control Room- DHS Office Tel: 011-23921401, 22307145 (24X7)
Nodal officer- Dr.R.P.Vashist (09212222456)/22305657(O),23646049(O),23646173(F)

Control Room- Office of DHS, Tel:(04896)262316 [Office hours only]
Nodal Officer- Dr.K P Hamza Koya (DHS)-Nodal officer(09496429027,04896-262113)
04896-262089,04896-262209(F) Dr K. Attakoya (Addl.Nodal officer)-04896-262109,262317

Control Room- Call Centre:(24X7) Tel: (0413)1070 (0413)1077
Nodal Officer- Dr.G.S.Naidu (09443729783) Tel:(0413)2249357

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List of Govt Hospitals doing Swine Flu tests and treatment In India

Below, people can find list of some of Govt hospitals treating Swine Flu patients in India. In these hospitals Swine Flu isolation and critical care facilities are available. List is available citywise for important cities of India with Hospital name, address and contact doctor name and number. More hospitals will be added to this list when information becomes available about them. In general, Govt Hospitals across country are authorised to conduct such tests and treat people. If people do not find mention of their city in this list then they should contact nearest Civil Hospital for further help. People can also get the help from Toll free National Swine Flu helpline numbers 1075 or 1800-11-4377 and 011-23921401 to gather more information on Swine Flu and learn about Hospitals and test centres.

1) Ahmadabad (Gujarat) -
Civil Hospital attached to Medical College, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380016
[Dr. Ancheliah – 09426347531]

2) Amritsar (Punjab)
Jallian Wala Bagh Memorial Civil Hospital, Ram Bagh, Amritsar, Punjab
[Dr. Kakkar – 09815576862]

3) Bangalore (Karnataka)
Dr. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases and SDS TB Hospital Hosur Road,
Near NIMHANS, Bangalore-29, Karnataka
{Isolation and critical care}
[Dr. S. Buggi – 09448042579, Dr. Nagraj- 09448057093]
Victoria Hospital K R Market, Kalasipalayam, Bangalore - 02 (080) 26703294 Dr. Gangadhar - 94480-49863

4) Chandigarh -
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGI)

5) Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
Communicable Disease Hospital, 87, T.H. Road, Tondiarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
(Isolation Facility)
[Dr. Lakshmi- 044-25912688. M- 09841250567]
King Institute of Preventive Medicine (24/7 Service) Guindy, Chennai – 32
(044) 22501520, 22501521 & 22501522
Government General Hospital Opp. Central Railway Station, Chennai – 03
(044) 25305000, 25305723, 25305721, 25330300

6) Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)
Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, Trichy Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
(Isolation and Critical Care)
[Dr. Kumaran – 09442012555]

Yellow Fever Quarantine Centre, Near AAI Residential Colony, New Delhi
[APHO- 25652129, Dr S.K Singh:09868252314]
Influenza Ward, Ward no 5, Second Floor, New Building, RML Hospital, Delhi-1
RML- 011-24525211,23404328,23365525- Ext 4328
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Ansari Nagar, Aurobindo Marg Ring Road, New Delhi - 29 (011) 26594404, 26861698 Prof. R C Deka - 9868397464
National Institute for Communicable Diseases 22, Sham Nath Marg,
New Delhi - 54 (011) 23971272/060/344/524/449/326
Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute University Enclave, New Delhi- 07 (011) 27667102, 27667441, 27667667, 27666182

8) Goa
Cottage Hospital, Chikalem, Goa (Isolation ward)
Ph- 0832-2540864
Goa Medical College & Hospital, Panjim, Goa (Critical Care)
Dr Suhas- 09011025066

9) Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
Govt. General and Chest Diseases Hospital, Erragadda , Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Ph 040-23814939 , Dr. Prasad – 9849902995

10) Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Infectious District Hospital, Near Charak Bhawan, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Dr.P. D.Vyas - 0141-2564434, Dr. Sen – 9887806450, Dr. Girdhari – 9414772483

11) Kochi (Kerala)
Government Medical College Gandhi Nagar P O, Kottayam - 08 (0481) 2597311,2597312
Government Medical College Vandanam P O, Allapuzha - 05 (0477) 2282015
Taluk Hospital Railway Station Road, Alwaye, Ernakulam (0484) 2624040 Sathyajit - 09847840051
Taluk Hospital Perumbavoor PO, Ernakulam 542 (0484) 2523138 Vipin - 09447305200

12) Kolkata (West Bengal)
Beliaghata Infectious Diseases Hospital, 57, Beliaghata, Main Road, Kolkata
Dr. Vishwanath 09433392182, Dr. Vishwas -09434009077

13) Lucknow (Utter Pradesh)
Balrampur District Hospital, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226001
(Isolation and Critical Care) Dr. P. N. Srivastva – 9415181629

14) Mangalore (Karnataka)
District Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore, Karnataka
(Isolation and Critical Care) Dr. Prabhudev- 09480015944 , Dr. Jagannath - 09448166113

15) Mumbai
Kasturba Hospital, Sane Guruji Marg, Mumbai-11,Maharastara
(Isolation and Critical Care) Dr. Umesh Aigal – 09820935680, 022-23083901, 02,03,04
Sir J J Hospital J J Marg, Byculla, Mumbai - 08 (022) 23735555, 23739031, 23760943, 23768400 / 23731144 / 5555 /
Haffkine Institute Acharya Donde Marg, Parel, Mumbai - 12 (022) 24160947, 24160961, 24160962

16) Nagpur (Maharashtra)
Govt Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur,Maharastara-444003
(Isolation and Critical Care) Swine Flu Ward: 0712-2750730
GMC- MS -0712- 2750427, 27493, Dr. Khade- 09422139720

17) Pune (Maharashtra)
Dr. Naidu Infectious Disease Hospital, Pune, Maharastra
(Isolation and critical care) Dr. Barathe – 09923130909
National Institute of Virology 20A Ambedkar Road, Pune - 11 (020) 26006290

18) Srinagar (J&K)
Govt Medical College, Sri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital, Karan Nagar, Srinagar
SMHS - Dr. Wasim Qureshi – 09419000231] (both isolation and critical care
Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
Prof. Dr Bhukhari 09419000318

19) Thiruvanathanapuram (Kerala)
General Hospital, Thiruvanathanapuram, Kerala-695025
(Isolation and Critical Care) Dr. Suresh - 09447030291
District Hospital, Manjeri; District-Malappuram, Kerala
(Isolation) Dr. Ramani – 09447157128
Taluk Head Quarter Hospital, Perumbavoor, Ernakulum District, Kerala-683542
(Isolation) Dr. Rosy Sebastian – 09846948926

20) Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu)
Annal Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Puthur, Trichy-17, Tamil Nadu
(Isolation and Critical Care) Dr. Veerapande – 09443913446
Dist. Headquarter Hospital, Mannapari {Isolation Facility}
Dr. Veerapande – 09443913446

21) Varanasi (UP)
Shree Shiv Prasad Gupta District Hospital, Kabir Chaura, Varanasi
(Isolation and critical care)
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhya Govt Hospital, Pandeypur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
(Isolation and Critical Care) Dr. Kanta Prasad - 9451006046, Dr. R. S. Verma – 09415301513

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Swine Flu symptoms and precautions

Swine Flu is slowly spreading in India and it is causing panic among people. So far thousands of cases of Swine Flu cases are reported from different parts of India and out of which most of people are already treated for Swine Flu and they are safe. Hundreds of deaths have also taken place due to Swine Flu. It is important to remember that Swine Flu is treatable if it is detected on time. For getting tested for Swine Flu, people are requested to visit nearest Govt Hospitals and some authorized private hospital (Not Free) because presently, only govt hospitals are authorised to conduct such tests and treat people for free. Health Minister of India has said that numbers of Swine Flu patients can increase in future but people are required to remain calm because government is doing everything to ensure safety of people. First it is important to detect Swine Flu in initial stage which can be done by checking symptoms of Swine Flu. Second, people are required to take necessary precautions to avoid getting infected with Swine Flu.

Symptoms of Swine Flu-

1) Mild to severe fever (greater than 100 °C or 37.8 °F)
2) Cough
3) Sore Throat
4) Body aches
5) Pain in Joints
6) Headache
7) Chills
8) Fatigue
9) Stuffy Nose
10) Rashes
11) Vomiting
If all or majority of above symptoms are present in any person then it is important for him to get tested for Swine Flu.

In addition to these symptoms, people can also check these points

1) Have they visited any foreign country recently.
2) Have they came in contact of Swine Flu infected patient recently.
3) Do they live in part of country from where maximum numbers of Swine Flu cases are coming.
4) Do they work in profession which cause them to come in contact of patients.

If these points also coincide with above symptoms then it becomes very important to get tested for Swine Flu immediately

Emergency Symptoms of Swine Flu (which may need immediate hospitalization)

In Children-

1) Fast Breathing or difficulty in breathing
2) Child is not drinking enough water or fluid
3) Bluish Skin Colour
4) Child is not interacting or become irritable suddenly
5) Fever with rashes

In Adult-
1) Difficulty in breathing or shorting of breathing
2) Pain in chest and abdomen
3) Confusion/Dizziness
4) Sever and continuous vomiting
5) Blood in Sputum

Precautions for avoiding Swine Flu-

1) Live in a clean and hygienic environment.
2) Clean your hands with soap regularly or after handshake or after sneeze
3) Avoid meeting any Swine Flu infected patient.
4) Use mask (preferably N95) before going out in crowded places or Hospitals.
5) Give extra care to children.
6) Test for Swine Flu if fever or Swine Flu symptoms persists for more then two day and becomes severe.
7) Avoid visiting any Swine Flu infected country or place.
8) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and month because infection can spread this way.
9) Eat only thoroughly cooked food.

Swine Flu Helpline number Govt of India- 011-23921401 (Delhi Governmnet) and Toll Free number 1075 or 1800-11-4377 (All India)

Read this article in Hindi सुअर फ्लू (Swine Flu) के लक्षण और सावधानिया

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Does Ayurvedic Medicines works in Swine Flu?

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Write/type in Punjabi Language online

There is good news for all Punjabi Language lovers that they can now easily write in Punjabi language with the help of Google’s Indic Transliteration. It is very easy to use this service and people can use this service by visiting page To write in Punjabi language people will be required to first write in English Language and then press space. This will automatically convert written English words in Punjabi words. However, it is important to understand that this feature is not applicable for English to Punjabi Translation. People can only write in Punjabi by using this feature.

For Example to write Punjabi written below,

"ਮੇਰਾ ਨਾਮ ਅਰਵਿੰਦ ਕਟੋਚ ਹੈ"

People are required to write in English and then press space.

"Mera Nam Arvind Katoch Hae"

Overall, it is very important to use this service and with some practise, people can master this feature to write Punjabi language online. People will also see numbers of other similar Punjabi words by clicking backspace button.

To learn in detail how to write better Punjabi language by using this software people can read this full tutorial.

Time for vacations

In last few days, heat wave has suddenly increased many times and it is causing restlessness. In these kinds of times, every person look for going to a beautiful vacation because a beautiful vacation can easily take us away from such heat and life pressure for some times. Even now, many scientific studies have proved that good vacation provides a great option to decrease stress in life. After every three or four months, I plan for some vacations and next time, I am panning for orlando vacations. Present time is good for going for a vacation because due to recession and off season lots of good hotels and resorts are offering good deals. People can easily get the help of these deals to find attractive vacation deals for themselves and their families. For getting full enjoyment from life, it is very important to add some vacations in our busy lives.

Expressing thoughts with Blogging

Today, blogging has become very popular across the world and large numbers of people are using this tool to express their thoughts. Main advantage of blogging is that we can easily express our thoughts to world. Thanks to numbers of free blogging platforms, blogging has become accessible to billions of people across the world.

Today, blogging also support regional languages; therefore, regional language speaking people can also now get the advantage of blogging. It is very easy to learn blogging and people do not need hard courses to do so. People can easy make their blog live within few minutes and start sharing their thoughts with the world. Blogging has great potential which is still untapped and people can easily get the help of this rich medium of communication.

Blogging also provide small option of earning some money; though, some people are earning huge money through this platform. However, I will not encourage people to start blogging for money online because blogging has many other potentials other then earning money only. The main advantage of blogging is to share our thoughts and raise our voice. Future also belongs to such kinds of tools and we can hope to see more increase in use of blogging by common people.

Accepting others as they are

We see many problems in our relationships and between relationships of other people because we all are failing to accept others as they are. Mostly, we all people are looking for something special in others and when we fail in getting these qualities in others then we try to change them. Here most of problems start in life because every person in this world hates to change. However, some people due to lack of their ability to see others point of views or their own ego try everything to change others.

Now the other person who finds all these expectation of change very painful and hurting; and he slowly decided to leave this relation. Some relationships breaks peacefully while other break with big quarrels; however, main point is that relationship breaks. These relationships may be any relationship like husband-wife relationship, brother-sister relation, relationship between friends etc. The main reason of fall of most of relationships in this world is expectations of change from each other, however, on the other hand people who learn to accept people as they are mostly have sound and healthy relationships and their relationships last for long time.

It is very important to learn that any relationship does not provides a right to us to govern or change others life. Moreover, few things which are helpful to us may not be same way helpful to others. Therefore, by asking changes in others we do a big crime of killing others uniqueness. Healthy relationship does not mean relationship between two same kinds of people but it means accepting each other for what they are then criticising them for what they are not.

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Beautiful Glass Racks

Today, we can easily find many beautiful and useful items in market which have great potential of making our homes more beautiful plus helping management of things. Many people find it hard to manage their glasses proper because they need some extra care. For this purpose, people can get the help of large numbers of beautiful glass racks available in market or online. Glass racks provide a great option to mount or put glasses in proper manner for some party or display.

Glass racks have already become very popular among household and their demand is increasing across the world. Today, we can find much large variety in their designs as compared to few years back. Wine drinkers already know the important of such tables and racks. One other popular solution to mount glassware on a stem with a broad base is use of stemware racks. Stemware racks provide an easily convenient solution for mounting glasses. People can learn about some good variety and designs of such products by visiting above links.

People can even order these products online, if they fail to get them in their home market. Some people have great interest in having a beautiful bars and they can make their bars more beautiful wit bar glass racks. Today, it is much easier to find large numbers of such stuff which can provides great help while increasing the beauty of our homes and beautiful racks also come under this category.

Swine Flu Scare in India

Sadly, Swine Flu scare is becoming common in India and people in cities Like Pune are suffering greatly from this scare. First death from Swine Flu in India is reported from Pune and two more patients suffering from Swine Flu are put on ventilator in Pune. Therefore, Pune has emerged as hotspot of Swine Flu. Tamil Nadu state has even issued a healthy advisory to its people to not travel to Maharashtra and its main cities like Pune and Mumbai.

Indian government is claiming that situation is under their control and they are doing everything to stop this flu from spreading. The main problem in detecting Swine Flu is that its tests are only available in government hospitals as government has not allowed private hospital to do such tests. Moreover, numbers of test centres per city are very less from one to five only. Therefore, people are finding it hard to get proper treatment related to Swine Flu.

One patient which is now on ventilator in Pune hospital was earlier released unchecked by the test centre because he was not meeting with criteria set by government for conducting test like he visited foreign country or he meet with some Swine flu infected patient recently etc. At present problem is very small but still our health system is failing to control this problem. This problem can easily go out of control if numbers of Swine Flu patients increased across India.

It is important for government of India to come up with some fast plans to isolate Swin Flu patients from common public in earlier stage. At present, we can only pray to god that Swin Flu should not spread any further.

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Watch Rakhi Sawant’s Man

Below, people can watch Rakhi Sawant’s man Elesh Parujanwala from Canada, who has won recently held reality show “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”. This show was created for finding a soul mate for Rakhi Sawant. Now Rakhi has found her man: however, she wants to know more her man Elesh before marrying him. Therefore, both have decided to give some time to each other and then take final decision on marriage. In the video available below, people can watch Rakhi Swant introducing her man to public.

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Digital World

Today, we live in a digital world where everything is available in front of us digitally. This digital revolution has made our life simpler and easier as compared to our life 20 years back. Today, I know that I can record films or take pictures digitally with the help of my digital camcorders without worrying about any kind of roles or tapes to record. This kind of technology was really unimaginable earlier and moreover, prices of such products are decreasing very fast thus making them accessible to large numbers of people. Today, we can easily find large numbers of products in market which are signifying digital revolution. Present digital mobile provides a good example in this case and how they are making our lives simpler. Today, every person can take pictures and record videos easily, thanks to digital revolution.

Accepting Relationships

We all people make numbers of relations in this world. Some relationships we choose while others are gifted to us from our birth. These relationships include numbers of relationships like our relationships with parents, siblings, wife, relatives etc. It is one thing to be part of one relationship but it is other thing to accept this relationship. We may be part of a relationship in world’s eye but we may not have accepted this relationship ever.

This is story of many relationships in this world where people fail in accepting numbers of their relationships like their relationship with their father, their mother, their sister, their wife etc. Accepting a relationship means, we accept values and trust of this relationship and finally the person with whom we are making this relationship. For accepting a relationship, we need action from both parts of relationship to encourage strong bonding and trust, otherwise a strong relationship can never emerge between these two individual.

Blood relations or some ceremonies can force a person in to a relationship but they cannot guarantee acceptance of relationship by a person. Without acceptance, a relationship is like an empty bond for show off only. In the present world, we are seeing more such kinds of problems where large numbers of people are facing problems with their relationships and they want to run out of these relationships.

Without acceptance of a relationship, a relationship becomes a cruel joke and nothing else; it only torture people present in this relations and they find cheated by this relationship. For the success of any relationship, it is very important to first add acceptance of relationship by providing full freedom and space to all people in their relationships.

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Sach Ka Samna or How to create controversy

I think, we can also give another name to controversial show of star plus Sach Ka Samna and this name is “How to create controversy”. This show created controversy between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli even before its telecast. Already, many politicians and religious organisations have raised question against this show and they have termed this show as bulgur and unsuitable for Indian viewers.

Though, presently there is no threat to this show and this show is likely to continue as such; however, this show has raised many questions on use of media in India and what or what not to be shown on small screen. Sach Ka Samna show is clearly based on negative emotions which force people to accept their dark truth and hidden negative emotion on screen and in front of family members.

This show provides a great dose of controversies and there is hardly any real truth in this show. So far, this show has not succeeded on TRP charts because who actually wants to learn about dark past or emotion of people unless they are some big figures. This show has already become successful in many countries; however, format of this show does not look suitable for Indian viewers. In future, there are very less chances of success of this show unless it generate more big controversies and attract big figures which is difficult in India.

Control on diet

People can easily decrease large numbers of diseases and get good looking body by putting some control on their diet. Many health related problems emerge in this world because of bad eating habits. Very less numbers of people in India actually put any control on their diet. Even Indian Ayurveda also suggest putting some control on diet for avoiding large numbers of health problems. It is difficult for many people to put such control and they may get some help of diet pill. Generally, it is advisable to eat 20% less than normal appetite because it helps in proper and early digestion of food. Ayurveda says that over eating is like eating poison and large numbers health problems are bound to come with over eating. Now, it only depends on us that we want to control our diet or attract numbers of health problems.
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