Revival of Indian stock market

Slowly, Indian stock market is giving some signs of recovery because India stock market has bounced back from its worst crisis. Many stock prices have increased three to four times of their prices from last four months back prices. However, the main problem is that uncertainty is still not completely out of market. Indian economy is likely to grow at 6% this year also but numbers of factors like draught situation in major parts of India can create big problems in times ahead.

Therefore, time has again come for taking wise investment decisions. Draught like conditions in most parts of India is likely to decrease production of food grains thus increasing prices of essential food grains. Now when people will spend more money on food which they cannot avoid then their expenditures on other items is likely to decrease thus causing decrease in sales of numbers of items. Further winter lean months are coming and world economy is not showing big signs of fast recovery.

In this kind of situation, it is difficult for Indian stock market to show more extraordinary results. Therefore, it looks unwise to look for more steep increase in Indian stock market in next 4 months especially. People are required to avoid any rush buying by seeing increasing stock prices; however, they can look for systematic investment in stock market with long tern prospective.

Indian stock market can take one or two major corrections in coming months to give final positive results. People can get benefits of these corrections for fresh buying. Overall, there is good a sign of revival in stock market and already it is near 1600 points; however, caution is mantra of present time.

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