Truth of 1998 Pokhran Nuclear Tests

Today, a former Indian nuclear scientist K Santhanam, who was also part of 1998 Nuclear test conducting team, claimed that 1998 Indian Pokhran Nuclear tests were not completely successful. These remarks by a former Nuclear scientists have put credibility of 1998 Nuclear tests under doubt. Does then BJP government presented false picture in front of people to get benefit of Pokhran tests in Election. Govt of India has taken this statement of Santhanam very seriously and it will investigate this matter.

This matter has clearly put question mark on Nuclear power of India. Though, Santhanam also said that these tests were not completely failure; however, their results were not as per expectations. This news has again put question mark on credibility of then in power BJP government and former Indian president A P J Abdul Kalam, who was watching over these tests. Dr Kalam has already released his statement to media and he has said that 1998 Pokhran tests were completely successful and he has denied any failure in any test.

It looks that this fight will now go much ahead and we can see more allegations and counter allegation coming from different parties. Overall, this news is not good for India because India is facing Nuclear threats from its neighbours who are well capable with Nuclear weapons. It is important for our government to present right picture in front of people so that people should not doubt power of India.
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