Sunday Morning Cricket Match

Few years back, I used to play lots of Sunday Morning Cricket matches; however, lately because of busy life I stopped playing these matches. Today, I got one good chance to play a Sunday Morning Cricket Match with some new and unknown friends. It was quite a beautiful experience to revive old memories of playing cricket. Game of cricket is very popular in India and we can easily find children and people playing game in every corner of India. We people really enjoy this game and we never miss any opportunity to play it.

We all know that game of cricket is very popular in India and Indians take lot of interest in watching cricket games; though, no one turned to watch our game; however, we never expected anybody to watch our game because it was less of cricket and more of fun. Next Sunday, I am again hoping to play some good matches of cricket. Today, our team was made of many experienced and inexperienced people, some even having national level cricket experience while other like me with Gali cricket experience. Overall, it was a great fun filled experience which remained me of my old time.
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