Increasing racial abuse cases against Asians and Muslims in USA

After 9/11, numbers of cases of racial abuses against Asians and Muslims have increased many times in USA. US airlines are also following these footsteps and one of such example is recent misbehave with former Indian President Abdul Kalam Azad by US continental airlines. Today, one more similar incidence came forward when Indian super star Shahrukh Khan is detained in US by airport official because they found his name suspicious. Shahrukh Khan was detained for two hour; however, later released when Indian high commission in US intervened.

Numbers of such incidences are already reported by various Indians and Muslims in particular in US or while travelling with US airlines. All these incidences are shocking and show wrong approach on the side of US and US airlines, who are treating all Asians and Muslims as terrorists or suspect them as terrorists. If former Indian President and Indian super star are facing such problems then what kind of problem ordinary people of India will be facing. It is very important for Govt. Of India to give strict reply to US government to treat all Indians with full respect.
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