Accepting others as they are

We see many problems in our relationships and between relationships of other people because we all are failing to accept others as they are. Mostly, we all people are looking for something special in others and when we fail in getting these qualities in others then we try to change them. Here most of problems start in life because every person in this world hates to change. However, some people due to lack of their ability to see others point of views or their own ego try everything to change others.

Now the other person who finds all these expectation of change very painful and hurting; and he slowly decided to leave this relation. Some relationships breaks peacefully while other break with big quarrels; however, main point is that relationship breaks. These relationships may be any relationship like husband-wife relationship, brother-sister relation, relationship between friends etc. The main reason of fall of most of relationships in this world is expectations of change from each other, however, on the other hand people who learn to accept people as they are mostly have sound and healthy relationships and their relationships last for long time.

It is very important to learn that any relationship does not provides a right to us to govern or change others life. Moreover, few things which are helpful to us may not be same way helpful to others. Therefore, by asking changes in others we do a big crime of killing others uniqueness. Healthy relationship does not mean relationship between two same kinds of people but it means accepting each other for what they are then criticising them for what they are not.

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