Sach Ka Samna or How to create controversy

I think, we can also give another name to controversial show of star plus Sach Ka Samna and this name is “How to create controversy”. This show created controversy between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli even before its telecast. Already, many politicians and religious organisations have raised question against this show and they have termed this show as bulgur and unsuitable for Indian viewers.

Though, presently there is no threat to this show and this show is likely to continue as such; however, this show has raised many questions on use of media in India and what or what not to be shown on small screen. Sach Ka Samna show is clearly based on negative emotions which force people to accept their dark truth and hidden negative emotion on screen and in front of family members.

This show provides a great dose of controversies and there is hardly any real truth in this show. So far, this show has not succeeded on TRP charts because who actually wants to learn about dark past or emotion of people unless they are some big figures. This show has already become successful in many countries; however, format of this show does not look suitable for Indian viewers. In future, there are very less chances of success of this show unless it generate more big controversies and attract big figures which is difficult in India.
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