Accepting Relationships

We all people make numbers of relations in this world. Some relationships we choose while others are gifted to us from our birth. These relationships include numbers of relationships like our relationships with parents, siblings, wife, relatives etc. It is one thing to be part of one relationship but it is other thing to accept this relationship. We may be part of a relationship in world’s eye but we may not have accepted this relationship ever.

This is story of many relationships in this world where people fail in accepting numbers of their relationships like their relationship with their father, their mother, their sister, their wife etc. Accepting a relationship means, we accept values and trust of this relationship and finally the person with whom we are making this relationship. For accepting a relationship, we need action from both parts of relationship to encourage strong bonding and trust, otherwise a strong relationship can never emerge between these two individual.

Blood relations or some ceremonies can force a person in to a relationship but they cannot guarantee acceptance of relationship by a person. Without acceptance, a relationship is like an empty bond for show off only. In the present world, we are seeing more such kinds of problems where large numbers of people are facing problems with their relationships and they want to run out of these relationships.

Without acceptance of a relationship, a relationship becomes a cruel joke and nothing else; it only torture people present in this relations and they find cheated by this relationship. For the success of any relationship, it is very important to first add acceptance of relationship by providing full freedom and space to all people in their relationships.

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