I want to live freely

Today, we can easily find large numbers of people struggling for their lives and they find themselves being trapped by problems of life. These people want to live freely but they do not know how to solve their problems. Problems of life are nothing but wrong decisions of people which they take at wrong time due to social pressure. Once we take wrong decisions in life then we can only find problems and more problems in every part of our life.

Mostly, people take these wrong decisions because of our social system which put numbers of expectations on us like having a good career, having a family etc for getting social recognition. People run behind this social recognition and take numbers of socially acceptable decisions; however, people do not think that these decisions are truly making them happy or not. We can only live a happy life in this world when we know to take right decisions for ourselves and not for society shake.

Today, social life has become full of pressure and lots of people are taking extreme decisions like suicide once they fail to meet these expectations of society, People can easily think about living a free and happy life by starting to live for themselves and not for society. Moreover, true freedom is also not against society and it gives strong people to society. Therefore, we create a strong society by creating a strong and free individual.

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