Haryana Assembly Election 2009

Congress lead Haryana Government wants to repeat success of 2009 Loksabha Election where Congress won 9 seats out of 10 Loksabha seats; therefore, it has asked governor of Haryana to dissolve present assembly so that assembly elections can be held soon. Now, Haryana Assembly Elections 2009 are expected to take place simultaneously with Maharashtra Assembly election which will be held during the month of October, 2009.

With early election, Congress again want to repeat history of 2005 assembly election where it almost swept Haryana Assembly by winning 67 seats out of total 90 seats. Opposition parties even failed in winning double digit seats, only independents managed to win 10 seats. Situation of other parties was BJP 2, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) 9, BSP 1 and NCP 1. There are total 90 seats in Haryana Assembly and any party needs support of 46 MLAs to make government.

As per some surveys and estimates, Congress is clearly ahead in race for Haryana Assembly and it is likely to win 50 to 60 seats this times. Opposition parties like INLD, BJP can improve their numbers; however, they are not likely to make much success because of split in BJP-INLD alliance and lack of ground support for these parties. Opposition parties in Haryana really need some miracle to stop Congress party from winning Haryana Assembly election again; though, matters like increasing prices of food grains can cause some problem to Congress.

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