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Advance Solutions

Today, we live in a world where we can easily find many easy solutions for our business needs. Earlier, it was not so easy to manage a business properly, however, now hundreds of good solutions are available in our hands. With the help of receipt printer , it has become very easy to print important receipts and bills in minutes. Computer technology is helping people in big way by making their life very simple and easy. However, for using advance technology, it is also required to train staff about these latest equipments. Mostly, this is one time problem and after training staff well, it is easy to expect fast delivery of work. In the present world, it is very important to get help of all latest technology and advance solutions available in our hands so that we can increase productivity of our business.

Does safety of Delhi Metro is compromised?

Presently, many people in India and especially in Delhi want to get answer of this question that does safety of Delhi Metro project is compromised for completing it before commonwealth games scheduled in October next year. Today, DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) submitted its report on recent accidents on Delhi Metro site in South Delhi which killed half dozen of people and caused great embarrassment to Delhi Metro. Today, Delhi Metro came up with fact finding of their experts on this accident and announced numbers of measures. According to this report, Delhi Metro accident is caused by use of low quality cement and rebar by construction company Gammon India. Therefore, DMRC has given 21 days notice to Gammon India for reply. DMRC can ban Gammon India for two years and cancel their all Delhi metro projects if they failed in giving satisfactory reply. Delhi Metro has also suspended immediate engineers and local contractors looking over this collapsed site. However, Delhi Metro Chief

Love is Crime in Haryana

Today’s incidence shocked whole nation; when a youth is killed by mob in Haryana, who reached in his wife’s village to rescue her on High Court order. His wife was reportedly kidnapped by her own family, and locked inside house; because they were not approving this marriage. Therefore, this boy approached Punjab Haryana High Court for rescuing his wife, and Court passed order his favour. This boy reached village of his wife with few police men to submit order of High Court, and release his wife from house prison; however, mob present at the scene attacked boy and police men accompanying him. Later mob snatched boy away from police, and beat him to death. This incidence clearly shocked whole nation; that how Talibani rule is present in India’s own state of Haryana. These kind of incidences are not new for Haryana, where strong cast based system is present; which can go up to any extent to avoid love and marriages between people of same caste or rival villages. Recently, same kind of sit

Indian Stock Market Blog

Every day millions of people in India invest their hard earned money in Indian stock market to look for some gains through increase in stock prices. Some people make money when stocks purchased by them goes up while others loss money when stocks purchased by them goes down. Sometimes, people become very rich through stock market investments while sometimes people loss everything in stock market investment. From this people can understand that stock market investments are full of many risks. Therefore, it is very important to invest money in stock market only if we understand these volatile movements of market and plus we can take some risk. For wise investment, it is very important to have access to live and accurate information related to stock market. For this purpose, people can get help of useful blogs like Live Indian Stock Market . On this blog, people can easily find lots of useful links and live information related to stock market. People can check live stock prices, read live

Get Window 7 for Free

Microsoft Corporation is ready with new Window which is Window 7 and it is next version of window after Window Vista. Commercial Window 7 launch will take place on Oct. 22, 2009 this year. However, Window 7 beta is available for free of cost for download from official website of Microsoft; this offer is only valid up to 20 August, 2009. This beta version of Window 7 will work free on your computer till 1st June 2010, after that free beta window 7 will automatically expire. To avoid this situation and continue with Window 7, people are required to buy new keys for Window 7 which will be available from Oct. 22, 2009 this year. Therefore, people are getting a chance to use Window 7 for free cost before its commercial launch. General requirements of PC for downloading Window 7 are – 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit) 16 GB available disk space (32-bit) / 20 GB (64-bit) DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver If p

When people try to highjack your life

Many people face a similar situation in life when people around them try to highjack their lives by imposing their views on them. These kinds of people try hard to sell their life philosophies, experiences and beliefs to us so that we should abandon our life paths and start following their paths. These people want to convert us into some puppets which look similar to them, so that they can create a world full of sheep and without any individual free expression. In this way these people try to dominate us by converting us in to their slaves. These people could be anyone of people around us ranging from our relatives to friends; however, objective of all these people is only to kill our inner self so that they can convert us in to false beings. It is important for any individual to fail this attempt of highjack otherwise these people will steal our soul and make us puppets who are controlled by others. Once these people succeed in stealing our soul then it is next to impossible for us to

About Rakhi Sawant

Today, Rakhi Sawant hardly needs any introduction thanks to large numbers of controversies attached to her name. Rakhi Sawant is a famous Indian film and TV actress cum dancer, she has worked in numbers of Bollywood films and Indian TV shows. Below, people can learn numbers of facts related to Rakhi Sawant. 1) Rakhi was born on 25th November, 1978 in Mumbai. 2) Her earlier name was Kutty Sawant. 3) She is first girl in Kalyug who is conducting her Swayamvar through a reality show. 4) She is also known as drama queen of small screen because of her special abilities to attract attention through any mean. 5) She is one of the most famous women faces from India (as per survey). 6) She has one brother and one sister. 7) Her father was police inspector in Mumbai police. 8) She started her career with film Agni Chakra in 1997. 9) She started her career as item girl and presently, her item numbers are in great demand in Hindi and regional films. 10) She came into lot of lime light after contro

Need for good health Insurance

In the present world, it is not advisable to ignore various advantages associated with health insurance. Health insurance provides a great option in front of us to cover sudden illness related problems with ease. We all know this fact that we cannot arrange large sum of money in sudden situations, however, during sudden health problems we need good cash immediately. People can avoid this problem by opting for good health insurance plans like bcbsnc . In developed world, health insurances have become important part of every person’s life, now slowly these plans are also becoming popular in developing nations too. Today, it is very easy for us to find numbers of good health insurance plans in market and people can select a plan which suits them well.

Total Solar Eclipse (Indian Time)

Tomorrow, whole world will witness an amazing and rare phenomenon of nature i.e. Total Solar Eclipse. People get chance to watch this phenomenon only once in 360 years, therefore, we can understand the importance of tomorrow’s solar eclipse. People in some parts of India will get chance to watch Total Solar eclipse while most of other parts will face partial solar eclipse. As per Indian standard time, this solar eclipse will start 5:29 AM and ends at 7:24 AM with one or two minutes variation at some place. The greatest phase of solar eclipse or total eclipse will be between 6:21 AM to 6:29 AM depending upon different locations. Total Solar Eclipse will be visible in some parts of Gujarat (Surat), Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal), Bihar (Patna), West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Other parts of India will face partial solar eclipse from 60 to 99%. Next similar, Total Solar Eclipse will be visible on March 20, 2034; therefore, this Total Solar eclipse may be last opportunity for fe

Popularity of Rakhi ka Swayamvar

At present, Rakhi’s present reality show “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” has become very popular because people want to know this answer that with whom Rakhi Sawant is going to marry after the end of this show? Though some also believe that this show is just another drama from Rakhi and nothing is real in this show; however, one thing is clear that this show has become very popular on TV. Media is also providing good coverage to this show with lots of news channels showing various shows based on Rakhi ka Swayamvar. One of the other reasons for the success of this show is unique and new format of this show. With this show, for first time in India someone is going to select his/her partner through TV reality show. Rakhi Sawant clearly knows how to attract media and viewer attraction, therefore, this swayamvar is topping TRP charts. In this show, people are getting chance to watch different Rakhi who is very similar to other Indian girls dreaming about their marriage unlike past controversy queen Ra

Old Hobbies

Recently, I came across an old small box and after opening this box, I realised that there are few rare coins present inside this box. These were rare coins of my old collection which I started collecting roughly fifteen years back. Later, I stopped collecting coins and slowly, I forgot about this box and my rare coins. After getting this box full of rare coins, I again went through old memories when I was very passionate about collecting rare coin. I tried very hard to collect large numbers of coins from all known sources. I also become successful in my collection as I collected more than 200 rare coins from 45 odd countries. In life, it is a great experience to have some hobbies because these hobbies can provide lot of learning to us. Like rare coins, I also collected stamps from across the world and India. Today, it provides a lot of happiness to see these collections once again.

How to file e-return (Income tax return online) India?

Visit updated article for more recent updates- How to file e-return (Income tax return online) India? (Updated) From many last years, filing income tax return has remained a very cumbersome activity for tax payers in India. First of all, people are required to fill detailed forms and second they are required to fight with the slow process of filing a return. To solve this problem, Income tax department has introduced e-filing of income tax return. With the help of e-filing people can easily file income tax returns online in just 5 minutes 24 hours a day. If people have digital signatures then they can submit their returns online without visiting any of income tax department. People who do not have digital signatures; they can also submit their returns online but they are required to submit one form manually to nearest income tax office in next fifteen days. Therefore, e-filing of income tax provides a great option in front of people to file their returns easily and without any hassle i

Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009

Get Live Maharashtra Assembly Election Result 2009 Maharashtra assembly elections 2009 are approaching near very fast; and these are next big elections after recently held Loksabha Election 2009. These elections will be held in the month of September; and dates of these elections will be announced soon by Election commission of India. The main fight in this election is between current ruling Congress-NCP alliance and BJP-ShivSena alliance. There are total 288 assembly seats in Maharashtra; and any political party or alliance is required to win 144 seats to form next government in Mahrashtra. Presently, Congress and NCP alliance is ruling state of Maharashtra from last ten years. In last assembly election 2004, NCP-Congress alliance got 139 seats; BJP-ShivSena got 119 seats and other 30 seats. In recently held Lokabha Election 2009, Congress party showed great performance by winning 18 seats (maximum seats for any single party in Maharashtra); while NCP increased its vote share by 1.4%.

Debate on accuracy of EVM (Electronic Voting Machine)

Presently, many opposition parties are trying to raise a voice against use of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) in elections because they believe that polls can be rigged by using present EVMs. By raising this issue, major opposition parties are also trying to put blame of their defeat on EVMs. This issue mainly came into lime light when a senior IAS officer raised this question with election commission of India that it is very much possible to manipulate present EVMs so that every fifth casted vote should go in the favour of particular candidate. Most of opposition parties of India took this news very seriously and they started to ask for discontinue the use of EVMs till accuracy of EVMs is established again. These opposition parties want to use paper ballot system again because they believe that it is more accurate and secure way to conduct elections. However, election commission of India has said that they have conducted all tests to insure accuracy of EVMs and there is no manipulat

Getting beautiful Mailboxes

Mailboxes can be easily found outside homes which are placed there to collect posts and mails. Today, we live in a fast world where we use emails and mobile phones for communication, however, still Mailboxes have succeeded in saving a separate identity for themselves. It is always a great fun to have beautiful mailbox outside our home and we can even find competition between people to put a unique mailbox outside their homes. Association of mailbox and people is very old and still this association is very strong. Mailboxes also help in giving a stylish look to any home with its own beauty. It is very easy to buy beautiful mailboxes from market. People can easily choose from thousands of designs of mailboxes available in market. It is always a great idea to choose a mailbox which represents the outlook of house. We can easily find many such mailboxes outside different people homes and some of these mailboxes are very unique in nature. Similarly, we can also choose a stylish and good loo

How to wear an Indian Sari? (Video tutorial)

Sari is one of the oldest ethnic women wears of world and India. In India, women are wearing Sari from many old centuries and it is supposed to be one of very old women wear of India. Sari is also popular in present fast life and large numbers of women in India wear Sari. Today, Sari has crossed Indian boarders to reach many western countries. Below, people can watch very information tutorial and guide to all those women who want to learn how to wear a Sari. This video covers simple/traditional Sari wearing technique. To learn more about Sari, people can visit Sari- An ethnic women wear . Learn about More Styles of Sari Wearing (Video Tutorials)

Dissatisfaction with life

Today in our world, we can easily find people in large numbers; who are dissatisfied with their lives. Dissatisfaction in life mainly happens; when a person fails in getting satisfaction from his work, his relations or his achievements. These people feel like individuals, who are defeated by circumstances and life. Therefore, they start putting all blames on life and become dissatisfied with life. This condition is not good for any human; because this condition can push him in to negative emotions; and these negative emotions can give birth to crimes. Across the world, one of the major reasons behind increase in crime rates is increasing dissatisfaction among people about life. We see large numbers of criminals everyday e.g. terrorists, gangsters, robbers etc. Dissatisfied people with life mainly end up in these works; because they fail in finding something satisfying enough for them in life; therefore, they choose crime for punishing life and humanity. Any good society can be describe

Need for good marketing strategies

For the success of any brand or business, it is very important to market it properly. Proper marketing can easily increase awareness about the product thus increasing demand for it in market. We all know that competition is very tight in market, therefore, business need very good strategies and techniques for becoming successful. People can easily use well used methods of marketing like using promotional tote bags. There are many options available in market for catering to marketing needs. Once marketing is done in proper manner then it is very easy to get proper response for product or service. All big products and brands which we see today are being made by using numbers of these methods. People have option in their hands to use either use old and tested methods or to go for new innovative solutions.

Review online Game Travian

In recent times, trend of online games has increased very fast. Today, more and more numbers of people are getting attracted towards these games because these games provide them an opportunity to explore news imaginary worlds. Travian is also one such popular online free game where people are allowed to construct their own villages, kingdoms and alliances. After constructing a village in this game world, people are required to grow their village by utilising various resources available in their hands. Players get chance to trade resources and fight wars with other players. These games are played on different country specific servers which cater to people of specific country/location only. People have option in their hands to either join any Travian world or their country specific world. Games on particular server last for approximately one year. Different players and alliances fight for supremacy and control in this world. Mostly, players or alliances with good strategy and support win

Heavy rain in Mumbai (more to come, video)

Continuous heavy rain has put Mumbai out of gear and whole city has come to halt. It is raining heavily in Mumabi which caused problems like water logging at various place. Today, Mumbai life line Metro trains were moving 10 to 30 minutes late. Met department has even predicted more rains in next few hours and days. Therefore, it is unlikely that problem in Mumbai will become any smooth soon. Below, people can watch CNN IBN report of heavy rain Mumbai.

Fake encounters and Indian police

It is very easy for us to find a good relation between fake encounters and Indian police because large numbers of cases with proof are present in front of us which says it all clearly. Recently, Dehradun police did encounter of a life insurance company employ who was visiting Dehradun for first time to join his job. Police presented numbers of contradicting stories which says that this 22 year old boy did numbers of provocative actions which forced police to kill him. However, postmartum report of boy tells some other story and highlight brutalities done by police to him. Though, after pressure from victim’s family, media and human right commission, police has registered case of murder against 7 policemen involved in this incidence. However, problem is not so simple and nothing will be achieved by punishing these policemen alone because problem is much deep rooted. Today, we need more control and accountability on police so that they should not use common people for their target practi

Need for jobs

After seeing decade full of jobs and opportunities, India is again facing a time where need for good numbers of jobs is arising. In recent few months, people have lost 6 lakh jobs in India. The major problem is coming from growth driving sectors for India like IT. Presently, IT is facing worst time and they are cutting jobs to remain in profit. Only few sectors like banking are helping job seekers by providing banking jobs . Public sectors banks are main drivers in this segment which are offering thousands of jobs in India despite recession. However, more is required to be done to offer good numbers of jobs for millions for job seekers. Problem with Indian market is that here large numbers of youth become job seeker every year. Therefore, it is very important for Indian government to match this demand by providing more job opportunities.

How to live stress free life?

Today, we live in a world; where stress has become a part of our life. We have become so used to stress; that it is impossible for us to imagine a life without stress. Many people have even started to believe; that stress is important for making progress in life. Stress has become so common; that we have started to forget about numbers of problems attached with it; and how stress can slowly kill us. Stress is like a sweet poison; which kills slowly, and when people become aware about this problem; then mostly situation has already gone out of their control. Generally, stress as such do not do anything to us; however, it increase chances of other diseases in body like diabetic, cardiac problems, cancer etc. It is now scientifically proved by scientists; that stressful conditions leads to formation of more numbers of bad substances in body like free radicals. Regular dose of stress play an important role in killing our body silently from inside. However, the problem in present world is t

Death is unreal (Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

In the beginning of Mahabharata battle Arjun become confused about his action as warrior which includes killing his own family members and teachers who are now part of enemy force. Therefore, Arjun tell Lord Krishna that he did not want to fight this battle because this battle will force him to kill his own relative whom he love and respect. Arjun tell Lord that he sees a great misery in killing his own relatives, though they may be fighting against him. Lord Krishna while understanding Arjun’s state of mind gives him discloser of greatest secret available on earth Srimand Bhagavad Gita. In second chapter of Gita, God tells Arjun secret of atman (true self). Lord tells Arjun that true self of every living being is not what we see while considering his body, however, it is unseen powerful force known as atman which is actually responsible for life in everybody. God tells Arjuna that Atman remain same in all forms and time. Our body is present only in present and it was not present in pa

Healthy Body

Today, every person in this world wants to achieve this goal of healthy body; however, unfortunately large numbers of people fail in achieving this goal. The main reason behind this failure is lack of right approach and will power in people to get healthy body. Mostly, people want to get healthy body; however, actually very less numbers of people do solid acts to achieve this type of body. It is a very hard task to achieve healthy and good shaped body because it requires lots of efforts from people. People need right mixture of exercise and balanced diets. Though, people may need some help from best diet pills . However, it is very important to understand that people are required to go through hard action to achieve all this happening. No single solution can guarantee 100% success rate and for achieving 100% success people need help from numbers of methods.

Appeal for the release of Sarabjit Singh

Like millions of Indians, I also want to appeal to Pakistan government for releasing Sarabjit Singh from jail on humanitarian ground. Sarabjit Singh is presently facing death sentence in Pakistan for being involved in bomb blast in Pakistan (as claimed by Pakistani authorities), though, Sarabjit Singh’s family back in India do not believe on these allegations. Sarabjit’s family is presently fighting for his release from Pakistan jail from last 19 years. This movement by Sarabjit’s family has got good support in India and Pakistan. Today’s large numbers of people across India and Pakistan want him to be released. However, Pakistan’s Supreme Court and President have rejected Sarabjit’s mercy petitions; therefore, Sarabjit is waiting for his death in Pakistani jail. Indian government has also taken this matter to some extent; however, lot of more is required to be done to get Sarabjit Singh released from Pakistani jail. I want to appeal people to come in support of Sarabjit and help his f

Report and videos of Michael Jackson’s memorial

Below, people can watch Reuters report and video of Michael Jackson’s memorial which took place yesterday. Thousands of Michael Jackson fans, relatives and celebrities were present on this occasion. There was great excitement among people to attend his memorial and tickets for his memorial were even sold in black.

Watch last interview Michael Jackson

As finally, Michael Jackson now rests in peace; therefore, he has become a great legend in the memories of people. Michael Jackson will be always remembered for his great contribution to music world and plus for numbers of controversies attached with him. Below, people can watch last interview of Michael Jackson to NBC few days before his death.

Gold as investment mantra

It is very difficult in present times to undermine the importance of investment in gold. Across the world, gold investment has become very popular because it provides a great option in front of us to make a secure investment decision while looking for good returns. Therefore, it is obvious to see increase in gold investment across the world. Gold is one precious metal which gives positive results to people year after year. I clearly remember that gold prices in India have increased almost three times in last fifteen years. In future, also gold prices are likely to see more increase. Therefore, gold becomes very investment friendly precious metals. In India, it is very common thing to buy gold, however, problem here is that very less numbers of people actually buy gold for investment purpose because mostly, people do not understand its power as good investment. In the present risky investment world, it is very important to look for real good and secure investment options which can o

Acute shortage of electricity in Punjab

Presently, once again while living in Punjab, I am seeing acute shortage of electricity supply. People throughout Punjab are facing electricity cuts from 10 hours a day to 18 hours a day. Moreover, acute heat wave is making this situation even worst for people. In Punjab, it is very common to face such situation every year because Punjab lacks sufficient production of electricity for meeting present demand. Punjab depends for electricity on neighbouring states and centre quota for completing demand in Punjab. Presently, production of electricity has decreased drastically because of decrease in water supply to major reservoirs in state and neighbouring states because of less or no rain. Two years back when present state government in Punjab came to power then they made numbers of claims and one claim among these claims was to provide adequate electricity supply to people. However, present situation says something else and delay in monsoon has further increased this problem. Presently, w

Watch Zeitgeist Addendum

Below, people can watch movie “Zeitgeist Addendum”. This movie is next release of earlier Zeitgeist films and made by Zetgeist movement. This film can offer lots of answers to numbers of unanswered question like who did 9/11, who is actually controlling us, problems with Federal Reserve System. Today, we are living in a world where big forces of world are controlling us by misleading us. This fight for world dominance is still on, however, we can ask for new and better world by stopping these forces. Though, I do not truly endorse all facts in this movie, however, this movie has lots of information stored for all of us in it. Therefore, I recommend this movie for all.

Aishwarya Rai interview (Jina isi ka naam hai)

Below, people can enjoy few interview videos of Aishwarya Rai from popular show “Jina isi Ka Naam Hai”. With the help of these videos, people can easily learn more about Aishwarya Rai. People can easily learn about Aishwarya Rai, her career and her family. Video 1 (Aishwarya Rai teachers talk about her)- Video 2- (Aishwarya's first Pepsi Ad)- Video 3- (Aishwarya's Brother) For more visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Need for moving from one place to other

Today, it is common to move from one location to other because of shift in jobs or business. Lots of people across the world are shifting from one location to other because of various needs. Due to this reason, we are seeing increase in relocation related needs. We all know that it is not easy to move from location to other easily and it always cause lot of trouble to people in moving from one place to other. To solve this problem, people can easily get the help of various moving companies. It is very easy to find moving companies in particular area like moving companies Los Angeles . Moving companies can easily provide a great help to us by solving moving related worries. People can also get the help of internet for finding all details related to moving services available in their area.

Video Michael Jackson’s last dance and interview of his brother

Below, people can watch last dance by popular pop star Michael Jackson who died recently plus interview with his brother. Just two days before his death Michael Jackson took part in a preparation event for his next concert. This video can again remind people about the ultimate glory of Michael Jackson.

Stock Market shows thumbs down to Budget 2009

Indian stock market has clearly shown thumbs down to financial budget 2009 which was presented today by Finance Minister. Indian stock market BSE index closed down with 869 points decrease 2 Lakh 50 thousand rupees worth of value in a single day. This is a clear indication from stock market and investors that they have not liked budget. Earlier, Stock market and Indian investors have lots of hopes from budget that it will bring more momentum in Indian slowing economy, however, Indian government choose path of popular approach while undermining important needs for reforms. Today’s budget has failed in providing any relief or incentives to major industries in India expect FMGC. Banking sectors especially public sector banks are worst hit from this crisis because government has extended the farmer loan wavier for next six months. Though, government has announced some soaps for infrastructure and oil mining industry especially Reliance, however, expectation were much more from budget. In n

Analysis Financial Budget India (2009)

Preparing Union Budget is one such act of government which attract attention of all people of India because this budget defines most of financial matters of people. Most of people living in India come under average or low earning group with strong base of middle class. Around 80% of people in India come under the category of ordinary people leaving behind 20% rich or extremely rich people. Also visit- Watch Live Union Railway Budget India 2011-12 This majority of people also have major expectations from Indian government and same reflection, we are seeing in Union Budget 2009 presented today by financial minister. Today’s budget can be clearly defined as a popular budget focused on masses or as perceived by us. In this budget, financial minister has proposed some reliefs to common people by increasing tax exemption limit slightly, providing relief to farmers and by increasing spending on public infrastructure. Budget has provided numbers of soaps to poor people and farmers because UPA

Decrease in IT jobs

Recently, Indian job market has seen major decrease in formation of new jobs because of shrinkage of jobs in major sectors like IT. Indian IT companies mostly depends on major western markets for their revenues. However, economic slowdown in these countries has decreased profits of Indian IT companies. Therefore, we are seeing major shrinkage in jobs in IT in India. Many IT companies are cutting jobs to remain profitable. However, most of IT companies are optimistic of reviving this situation soon. These kinds of situations can put lot of effect on India because India is one of the biggest IT job providers across the world. IT companies have lots of hopes from today’s budget to get some reliefs from government to save some taxes. It is also important for Indian government to provide some relief to IT companies because IT companies can provide large numbers of jobs.

It is now or never

It is very important for all of us to understand few things well early in life because we can hardly afford to undermine certain things. However, if we lose our sight from these important things then we mostly meet with prospective failures in life. Most of failures in life are nothing but our failure to see certain things clearly. Many times, people believe that they have enough time to make right decision; however, they fail in understanding the importance to now or never. In life, we are required to take numbers of immediate decisions because otherwise time to take these decisions can go away. Our today’s decisions will decide our future and for successful future, we need right decisions in present. Slight push or hurry in present can make us comfortable for future; therefore, it is important to start seeing right opportunity now (in present) because they may or may not be available in front of us in future. Many opportunities in life never repeat themselves and then, we repent ours

Expectations from Financial (Union) Budget 2009

Tomorrow, UPA lead government will deliver its first financial budget after recent eelctions. People of India have lots of expectations from this budget because they have shown their faith in Congress lead UPA by giving it huge success in Loksabha Election held earlier this year. Tomorrow, it will be turn of UPA government to give back something to people so that they can cheer about their decision. Presently, India is going through economical slowdown and around 6 Lakh people have lost their jobs in last few months. Petrol prices have again started increasing due to increase in international oil prices, therefore, making common items of daily use dearer. Tomorrow’s budget is expected to shaver some relief to common people by increasing tax exemption limit from 1 Lakh rupees to 1.5 Lakh rupees. People also hope that government will reduce numbers of other direct and indirect taxes to make loans and services cheaper. Sectors like real state are already going through poor phase due to po

Legalising Gay Sex in India

Recent verdict of Delhi High Court, which has almost legalised Gay sex in India, has actually faced lots of applause and threats from various quarters of society. Mostly, educated and high elite class of India has appreciated this judgement of High Court as land mark judgement in providing equal rights to Gays and Lesbians, however, on the other hand hardcore orthodox people are finding it hard to digest this law. In India, Gays and Lesbians are fighting from many past years to get equal rights like same sex marriage etc because as per Indian law it is illegal to do same sex sex or marriage and any person found guilty of such act can get punishment up to 14 years. India is basically a strong religious country with strong opposition for such acts. However, in past we are also seeing the emergence of new voices which want to defy this age old laws. Many people in India fear that same sex marriage can destroy our age old traditional system. However, it is also important to hear the voices