When people try to highjack your life

Many people face a similar situation in life when people around them try to highjack their lives by imposing their views on them. These kinds of people try hard to sell their life philosophies, experiences and beliefs to us so that we should abandon our life paths and start following their paths. These people want to convert us into some puppets which look similar to them, so that they can create a world full of sheep and without any individual free expression.

In this way these people try to dominate us by converting us in to their slaves. These people could be anyone of people around us ranging from our relatives to friends; however, objective of all these people is only to kill our inner self so that they can convert us in to false beings. It is important for any individual to fail this attempt of highjack otherwise these people will steal our soul and make us puppets who are controlled by others. Once these people succeed in stealing our soul then it is next to impossible for us to attain back our soul.

Therefore, if we want to remain free and independent thinking human beings then it is very important to first recognise these people and then stop them from hijacking our lives. To achieve all this, we need clear thinking and trust on our abilities in all kinds of circumstances. Sometimes, situations will become difficult and it will look that situations are going out of our control; in these kinds of times, we can see increase in such highjack attempts; however, we can survive these attacks, if we have strong trust on ourselves.

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