Popularity of Rakhi ka Swayamvar

At present, Rakhi’s present reality show “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” has become very popular because people want to know this answer that with whom Rakhi Sawant is going to marry after the end of this show? Though some also believe that this show is just another drama from Rakhi and nothing is real in this show; however, one thing is clear that this show has become very popular on TV.

Media is also providing good coverage to this show with lots of news channels showing various shows based on Rakhi ka Swayamvar. One of the other reasons for the success of this show is unique and new format of this show. With this show, for first time in India someone is going to select his/her partner through TV reality show. Rakhi Sawant clearly knows how to attract media and viewer attraction, therefore, this swayamvar is topping TRP charts.

In this show, people are getting chance to watch different Rakhi who is very similar to other Indian girls dreaming about their marriage unlike past controversy queen Rakhi. Rakhi is also giving some dose of controversy to this show by making few controversial statements about her mother and earlier love. In next two weeks, people will learn about Rakhi’s choice for her husband when result of this swayamber will be declared. At the end, we can only saw that Rakhi should get her life partner through this swayamvar.
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