Expectations from Financial (Union) Budget 2009

Tomorrow, UPA lead government will deliver its first financial budget after recent eelctions. People of India have lots of expectations from this budget because they have shown their faith in Congress lead UPA by giving it huge success in Loksabha Election held earlier this year. Tomorrow, it will be turn of UPA government to give back something to people so that they can cheer about their decision.

Presently, India is going through economical slowdown and around 6 Lakh people have lost their jobs in last few months. Petrol prices have again started increasing due to increase in international oil prices, therefore, making common items of daily use dearer. Tomorrow’s budget is expected to shaver some relief to common people by increasing tax exemption limit from 1 Lakh rupees to 1.5 Lakh rupees.

People also hope that government will reduce numbers of other direct and indirect taxes to make loans and services cheaper. Sectors like real state are already going through poor phase due to poor demand in market. It is important for government to put forward a good budget in these difficult times which can push some energy in ailing economy. Yesterday, it will become clear that what government has stored for us.

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