Appeal for the release of Sarabjit Singh

Like millions of Indians, I also want to appeal to Pakistan government for releasing Sarabjit Singh from jail on humanitarian ground. Sarabjit Singh is presently facing death sentence in Pakistan for being involved in bomb blast in Pakistan (as claimed by Pakistani authorities), though, Sarabjit Singh’s family back in India do not believe on these allegations.

Sarabjit’s family is presently fighting for his release from Pakistan jail from last 19 years. This movement by Sarabjit’s family has got good support in India and Pakistan. Today’s large numbers of people across India and Pakistan want him to be released. However, Pakistan’s Supreme Court and President have rejected Sarabjit’s mercy petitions; therefore, Sarabjit is waiting for his death in Pakistani jail.

Indian government has also taken this matter to some extent; however, lot of more is required to be done to get Sarabjit Singh released from Pakistani jail. I want to appeal people to come in support of Sarabjit and help his family in their fight. Below, people can watch Sarabjit Singh’s daughter Swapandeep to Indian government and Pakistan government for safe release of her father.

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