Fake encounters and Indian police

It is very easy for us to find a good relation between fake encounters and Indian police because large numbers of cases with proof are present in front of us which says it all clearly. Recently, Dehradun police did encounter of a life insurance company employ who was visiting Dehradun for first time to join his job. Police presented numbers of contradicting stories which says that this 22 year old boy did numbers of provocative actions which forced police to kill him.

However, postmartum report of boy tells some other story and highlight brutalities done by police to him. Though, after pressure from victim’s family, media and human right commission, police has registered case of murder against 7 policemen involved in this incidence. However, problem is not so simple and nothing will be achieved by punishing these policemen alone because problem is much deep rooted.

Today, we need more control and accountability on police so that they should not use common people for their target practice. In most of cases, policemen come out clean from these cases because of lack of proofs against them. Various laws made for the protection of common people have provided large numbers of powers in the hand of police and many policemen are misusing these powers to kill innocent people.

In free country like India, we cannot accept such acts from police which is otherwise supposed to save people. Hopefully, government of India will take this matter seriously by coming out with solution for this problem and making Indian police protector of people and not killer of them.
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