Dissatisfaction with life

Today in our world, we can easily find people in large numbers; who are dissatisfied with their lives. Dissatisfaction in life mainly happens; when a person fails in getting satisfaction from his work, his relations or his achievements. These people feel like individuals, who are defeated by circumstances and life. Therefore, they start putting all blames on life and become dissatisfied with life.

This condition is not good for any human; because this condition can push him in to negative emotions; and these negative emotions can give birth to crimes. Across the world, one of the major reasons behind increase in crime rates is increasing dissatisfaction among people about life. We see large numbers of criminals everyday e.g. terrorists, gangsters, robbers etc.

Dissatisfied people with life mainly end up in these works; because they fail in finding something satisfying enough for them in life; therefore, they choose crime for punishing life and humanity. Any good society can be described as society; where people are not dissatisfied with life; rather, they enjoy good levels of satisfaction with their lives. Now, if this dissatisfaction level increases in society then societies also become weak.

When societies become weak; then, they make a weak nation and finally a weak world. Therefore, it is very important to construct a world; where people are enjoying their lives. Dissatisfaction with life can be decreased if world governments come up with some solutions for engaging every individual in constructive and enjoyable work; however, today we are dominated by a very hard and cruel world where there is no scope or very less scope for individual freedom.

We are a world; where money is everything and people are required to earn it at any cost for living in this world, though, this cost may be dissatisfaction with life. Individuals can also take some positive efforts; like choosing work as per their taste, choosing life partner of their choice etc; to become a satisfied person.

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