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In recent times, trend of online games has increased very fast. Today, more and more numbers of people are getting attracted towards these games because these games provide them an opportunity to explore news imaginary worlds. Travian is also one such popular online free game where people are allowed to construct their own villages, kingdoms and alliances.

After constructing a village in this game world, people are required to grow their village by utilising various resources available in their hands. Players get chance to trade resources and fight wars with other players. These games are played on different country specific servers which cater to people of specific country/location only. People have option in their hands to either join any Travian world or their country specific world.

Games on particular server last for approximately one year. Different players and alliances fight for supremacy and control in this world. Mostly, players or alliances with good strategy and support win this battle ground. This game also provides an opportunity in front of people to meet with other players from his or her country, though some risk may be associated with compromising your identity.

It is advisable to play this game as just game and by using pseudo names so that no one should make misuse of your identity. This game can help people in understanding numbers of worldly skills which are required in market place and wars. However, simultaneously it is also important to play this game as game only without mixing it with real world as this game is no alternative for real world life.

Overall, travian game provides a great opportunity in front of us to explore new world and have some entertaining time while making new friends.
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