Love is Crime in Haryana

Today’s incidence shocked whole nation; when a youth is killed by mob in Haryana, who reached in his wife’s village to rescue her on High Court order. His wife was reportedly kidnapped by her own family, and locked inside house; because they were not approving this marriage. Therefore, this boy approached Punjab Haryana High Court for rescuing his wife, and Court passed order his favour.

This boy reached village of his wife with few police men to submit order of High Court, and release his wife from house prison; however, mob present at the scene attacked boy and police men accompanying him. Later mob snatched boy away from police, and beat him to death. This incidence clearly shocked whole nation; that how Talibani rule is present in India’s own state of Haryana.

These kind of incidences are not new for Haryana, where strong cast based system is present; which can go up to any extent to avoid love and marriages between people of same caste or rival villages. Recently, same kind of situation also came in front of us, when a caste based Panchayat gave a decision to nullify a marriage between couple of same gotra. Panchayat threatened to even kill both boy and girl to justify their decision.

These kinds of incidences can easily shock anyone but they are true for Indian state Haryana. Present Haryana state government is also not taking this issue seriously and they have termed this issue as a social disorder. In present educated world, it is very sad to see such strict rules and regulations being imposed on people by society on the name of caste system. Indian constitution does not permit such practices but sadely such practices are present in India even after more than 60 years of independence.

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