Does safety of Delhi Metro is compromised?

Presently, many people in India and especially in Delhi want to get answer of this question that does safety of Delhi Metro project is compromised for completing it before commonwealth games scheduled in October next year. Today, DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) submitted its report on recent accidents on Delhi Metro site in South Delhi which killed half dozen of people and caused great embarrassment to Delhi Metro.

Today, Delhi Metro came up with fact finding of their experts on this accident and announced numbers of measures. According to this report, Delhi Metro accident is caused by use of low quality cement and rebar by construction company Gammon India. Therefore, DMRC has given 21 days notice to Gammon India for reply. DMRC can ban Gammon India for two years and cancel their all Delhi metro projects if they failed in giving satisfactory reply.

Delhi Metro has also suspended immediate engineers and local contractors looking over this collapsed site. However, Delhi Metro Chief Sridharan also admitted that they need Gammon India for completing Metro Rail project on time because of their experience. Delhi Metro also announced re-examinations of all faulty sites by private experts. The main problem with all these measures is that they look only half backed and neither Delhi Metro nor DMRC looks to serious on this matter.

Safety of Delhi metro looks to be compromised for completing this project on time and saving Gammon India. Use of low quality material in construction of Delhi Metro project is a serious matter and requires criminal proceedings against people who are playing with the safety of people. However, there looks no attention of DMRC to do so. At present, people of Delhi can only pray to god for their safety while Delhi Metro trains.
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