Debate on accuracy of EVM (Electronic Voting Machine)

Presently, many opposition parties are trying to raise a voice against use of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) in elections because they believe that polls can be rigged by using present EVMs. By raising this issue, major opposition parties are also trying to put blame of their defeat on EVMs. This issue mainly came into lime light when a senior IAS officer raised this question with election commission of India that it is very much possible to manipulate present EVMs so that every fifth casted vote should go in the favour of particular candidate.

Most of opposition parties of India took this news very seriously and they started to ask for discontinue the use of EVMs till accuracy of EVMs is established again. These opposition parties want to use paper ballot system again because they believe that it is more accurate and secure way to conduct elections. However, election commission of India has said that they have conducted all tests to insure accuracy of EVMs and there is no manipulation with software of EVMs.

In recent times, use of EVMs have revolutionised Indian election system by making it more fast and easy to conduct elections. Even many government across the world are interested in using Indian EVMs for conducting elections in their countries, however, such question marks on the accuracy of EVMs are putting question marks on total election conducting system in India.

According to some experts, EVMs are as accurate and fraud proof as paper ballot system, if some wrong forces can manipulate with EVMs then they can also manipulate with paper ballots system also. Overall, there is not much wise approach present in asking for paper ballot system to replace EVMs, though, opposition parties can ask for strong measures to ensure accuracy of EVMs.
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