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End of world on 21 Dec 2012 (Facts)

Recently, you might have noticed on various TV channels, news papers and internet websites that we are going to die on 21 Dec, 2012 because world is going to end on this date. The main reason behind this whole speculation is end of Mayan Calendar on 21 Dec, 2012. During Mayan times, they created a very accurate calendar which is even much better than our present calendar system. Mayan Calendar can accurately predict major solar events thousands of years before their occurrence, from this fact we can understand the accuracy of this calendar. However, Mayan Calendar strangely ends of 21 Dec, 2012. Second on 21 Dec, 2012, our earth will be on straight line between our galaxy and sun (which is a once in thousand of year’s event). Many scientists believe that this situation can cause shift in the polar positions of earth. Third, online software created to predict future events is also predicting about major disaster on this date. To get more information on this subject and learn more facts

Acute shortage of Electricity and water in North India

Many parts of north India are presently going through situation of acute shortage of electricity and water. Many parts are facing more than 10 hours electricity cuts per day and simultaneously water supplies to large numbers of areas are hit hard by this problem. These kinds of problems are very common in India during every summer season. This time situation has become slightly more acute because of late arrival Manson rains. According to weather department of India, Manson is running late by one week time. Moreover, weather department has confirmed that rains this year will be less than expected rains. Therefore, we can see this situation becoming more acute in near future. This situation also reminds us about the failure of central and state government who make large numbers of promises during these days so that people should not face similar situations next year. However, we see similar kinds of situations affecting people every year. The problem with India government is that they a

Doing wonders with Computers

Computer is one such machine available in this world which has lot of potential if it is utilised in proper manner. Today, we can easily do large numbers of essential works with the help of this wonder machine. We can easily store huge amount of data in these machines. It is much easier to make our computers storage devices by increasing computer memory . People can easily find good options of enhancing the memory of their computer in market. It is always a good idea to look for cheaper and reliable options. Many people buy old computers from market and then increase their memory size to make them good storage devices. Like this solution, we can easily look for large numbers of solutions available in front of us by utilising our computers.

Real Truth of 9/11? (What is not told and why?)

Mostly, we all people believe that 9/11 was by done by some curial terrorist belonging to Osama Bin Laden because we are told so by world media. However, recently I got a chance to watch numbers of videos available on internet which have something else to say about this storyline. Most of these video presentations are made by family members of 9/11 victims, online journalists and activists. All these videos are putting large numbers of unanswered questions in front of us which were deliberately hidden from general public. According to official theory of both towers of World Trade centre collapsed because of steel beams supporting the building got melted by immense heat produced by burning oil of beoing planes. However, WTC tower were made to sustain such attacks or accidents in mind. Sadly, both towers came down with slightly more than the speed of free fall in just 8 and 9 sec respectively. Moreover, there are documented details of numbers of explosions going in both building just bef

Official High Definition (HD) trailer “New Moon”

Below, people can enjoy official and high definition (HD) latest trailer of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson starter movie “New Moon”. This movie is sequel of first movie of this series “twilight” starting Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Twilight was big success on box office and people liked this film because of great romantic love story of Robert and Kristen. In “New Moon”, we can find more twists to their love story and how they rediscover their love again. This movie is expected to release of 20 Nov, 2009.

Shocking truth of Surat Gang Rape

Surat gang rape is throwing numbers of new revelations everyday and all of these revelations are very shocking. Present news are telling that police has also found eight more gang rape mms videos from the mobile phones of accused. The style of these eight gang rapes also resemble with the Surat gang rape, thus pointing towards eight more gang rapes committed by these accused, however, in these videos faces of culprits are not visible. Police is also working on this theory that these three accused are either making any money by selling these mms video clips on internet. To invest more deeply, police has asked for permission of Narco analysis test of all three accused and court has also granted permission for the Narco analysis by seeing the importance of this case. These revelations are clearly very shocking and put question mark on the mental condition of present youth. Two of three accused Shahid Saiyed, Tarik Saiyed and Abubakar Shaikh belong to good family with seven members of fami

Best talk on fighting fears of life (video)

Below, people can find very interesting and insightful talk on fighting fears of our life and how to delete them from our lives. Many big thinkers of world have already stated this that mostly people fail in this world because of their fears. Fears mostly stop people from taking risks; therefore, lots of people in world do not grow because of their fears. As per this talk, fears result from our association with our ego. People can easily reduce lots of their fears by associating with powerful true self which remains unchanged throughout our life. I request people to go through this video numbers of times to fight successfully fears of their lives and become fearless person.

Giving chance to Eco Friendly lights

Today, we live in a world where we are either over using our natural resources or using nature non-friendly products. It is very important for the well being of our world to support products which also support our nature. Eco friendly light fixtures also come under this category because they provide beautiful lighting solutions to us plus they support nature. Every person in this world wants to make his or her homes look beautiful and various lighting solutions provide a great option in front of us to make our homes look beautiful. However, conventional lighting systems do waste lots of energy plus they are not eco friendly. Therefore, by opting for such lighting solutions for their homes, people actually go against nature and put well being of nature on risk. We all know this fact that our nature has already reached at a very vulnerable point and we cannot afford to more pollute our nature. To solve this problem, we need products like eco friendly floor lamps . Thanks to the avai

Exclusive and latest trailer Love Aaj Kal (Saif, Deepika)

Below, people can enjoy exclusive and latest trailer of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starter forthcoming film “Love Aaj Kal”. This film is directed by Imtiaz Ali who also gave romantic blockbuster “Jab We Met”. This film will hit theatres on 31 July and it will be one of the biggest releases of this year. People can enjoy trailer of film available below to get some idea of storyline of film. As name of film suggests that Love Aaj Kal is a love story based film with mix of two different generations. Like Jab We Met, we can hope for another romantic hit movie from Imtiaz.

Why racial attacks on Indian students in Australia?

Many people are asking this question that why racial attacks are taking place on Indian students in Australia? Why there is sudden increase in attacks on Indian students in recent past? Why Australians are angry with Indians? Now these all questions can be related to numbers of answers. First we can start with history of racial attacks on Indians in numbers of other countries of world. Racial attacks on Indians are not new and they are going on from many past years because many white arrogant people are finding it hard to see progress of Indian people and they feel Indians as biggest threat for their future and job prospects. The main problem which most of developed world people have with Indians is that Indians are taking large numbers of jobs in these countries and social status of Indians is on rise. Therefore, these people feel threatened that one day Indians living in their own countries will become stronger than them. Therefore, we see frustration of these people coming out in th

Multiple options in buying Furniture

Today, we can easily find huge variety of multiple options available in market related to furniture. These kinds of choices were not available with people up to few years back. Today, people only need money and they can easily buy beautiful furniture of any kind for their homes from domestic collections to international ones. Sometimes, availability of so many options also create some confuse in our minds that which furniture will suit our needs. I can only advice to people to choose furniture as per their need also one which will increase beauty of your homes. There is no need to buy expensive furniture which does not look nice in our homes as compared to economical discount furniture available in the market. It is very important to visit numbers of stores in market before making any final decision about buying furniture. Moreover, people can also get the help of various online website for selecting latest designs and trends of furniture.

Video Apple’s new iphone 3GS

Today, Apple unveiled their new iphone 3GS to world market which is full of 100 plus new features like 3 mega pixel auto focus camera, video recording at 30 frames per second, advance voice control, digital compass, advance stability features, 50000 cool applications etc. Apple is claiming that this new iphone 3 GS model is much faster as compared all earlier models of iphone in market. New iphone 3GS will cost only $199 in US. This iphone model will be launched in Indian market in August. Already, there were demands by iphone fans that Apple should launch new version of iphone will enhanced camera and video recording features. Moreover, availability of advanced and feature reach models by other player also forced Apple to come with this new model of iphone which is iphone 3GS. Apple has retained old design and structure of iphone’s new model. Video 1 Video 2 WWDC 2009: Apple Unveils IPhone 3GS - Funny videos are here

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T20 world cup 2009 (England) points Table

Below, people can get the updated time table of T20 world cup. There are total 12 teams taking part in this 20-20 world cup and they are divided in to four groups. Only eight teams out of these 12 teams will qualify for super eight leagues from where four teams will enter in semi-finals. In group matches, top two teams from each group will qualify for super eight. Also visit- Time Table/ Schedule Twenty20 world cup 2009 (England) , Watch Live Score India Vs South Africa (ind vs sa) Cricket world Cup match Group A Teams Matches played Won Points Net Run Rate India 2 2 4 1.23 Ireland 1 1 2 -0.16 Bangladesh 2 0 0 -0.99 (out of worldcup) Group B Teams Matches Played Won Points Net Run rate England 2 1 2 1.18 Netherland 2 1 2 -1.60 (out of worldcup) Pakistan 2 2 2 0.39 Group C Te

Confidence comes with practice

Many times, lots of people ask me this question that how they can get confidence in particular field or why they do not have enough confidence in doing something. I only tell them that Confidence comes with practice and there is no other route for getting confidence. Mostly, when we do a particular thing for numbers of times then we gain confidence that we can do this job easily and confidently. We already know that Practice makes a man perfect and we can also add to it that practice gives us a confidence. I have interviewed large numbers of confident people in life and most of them have accepted during conversation that they were having confidence related problems in initial stage of their lives; however, with practice and more practice they gained good confidence and success in their field. This is most simple secret of gaining confidence in life, however, sometimes people face this problem that where they can practise for gaining confidence then my answer to these people is that who

Having Fun with gardening

It is very easy to find large numbers of people having fun with gardening because gardening provides a great opportunity in front of them to see and understand extraordinary beauty of nature. It is always a beautiful experience to watch beautifully maintained gardens. Gardening can easily provide a fun filled pastime to people. However, regularity is very important for getting any success in gardening. Today, time has changed in a big way and gardening has become even easier. Today, people can easily buy grown up trees like crape myrtle trees from market or online. These 3-4 feet long grown up tries are delivered to your house, therefore, making you free from growing these trees from initial stage. With the help of so many things in market, it has become quite easy to maintain our good looking gardens.

India under swine flu attack

Today, two cases of swine flu transmitting from one person to other are reported for first time from two different parts of India. First case is reported from Hyderabad and second case is from New Delhi. In both cases, mothers got infected by swine flu infection of their sons. Hyderabad tops with seven cases of swine flu reported from city. There are total 11 cases of swine flu reported in India. Today’s development has forced Indian health agencies to take more precautionary measures because this virus has transferred from one person to other for first time. Government of India has asked Indian people to take necessary precaution like consulting doctor if they face any influenza like systems. To get more information about swine flu, people can read earlier article What is Swine Flu (Influenza)? Why it is dangerous this time? . With confirmation of first case of swine flu transmitting from human to human in India, we can say that India is under the attack of Swine Flu, though present s

Most inspirational video TankMan - Tiananmen Square Protest

Below, people can enjoy one of the most inspirational and real video present in our world. This video was taken by international media on 5 June, 1989 of an unknown rebel student who stopped advancement of Chinese tanks by standing in front of them. So far no information is present about the actual name of this person who took such a bold step because of total crack down on information by Chinese government; however, people across the world have given this person nick name of “TankMan”. This video got lot of appreciation around the world by international media as Life magazine termed it as “Top 100 photos which changed the world” and Times Magazine termed TankMan as “Top 100 most influential people of world”. This is a rare kind of popularity gained by this unknown person who may not have survived Chinese army crackdown as numbers of rebel students died in this struggle. This tankman today symbolises for “Stand up for what we believe and Never give up”.

Video of Hema Malini and Ahana performing Bharatanatyam together

Below, people can enjoy this video of famous Bollywood actress and renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Hema Malini and her daughter Ahana performing Bharatanatyam on stage together. Ahana is youngest daughter of Hema Malini. Her elder sister Esha Deol is also a movie star. This is a nice video where we can watch both Hema and Ahana performing on same stage.

Art of doing extraordinary things in life

How many people in this world know this art of doing extraordinary things in life or how many people in this world are using this art? Mostly answer to this question will be very small numbers of people because mostly people do not know this art and if they know this art then they do not believe on this art. This art is so simple that ordinary person can never believe that he can achieve extraordinary things in life by doing ordinary and simple things. This art is plain secret which is available in front of us from many centuries. According to this art, we are required to do numbers of ordinary or simple things repeatedly so that combined effect should look like an extraordinary thing. We all know this fact that our big oceans are filled by very large numbers of small water drops coming from clouds. However, people do not have such patient to do small things repeatedly for long time. Mostly, people run behind big things which are difficult to perform, therefore, mostly ends in failure.

Beauty and Life

Beauty and Life always have a great relationship between each other because everybody wants to look beautiful in life. However, people find large numbers of problem in life which threatens their beauty. Numbers of face related problems like acne, blackhead and facial problems can cause major threats to beauty of a person. It is very important to treat these problems on time because these problems can affect beauty of a person. Mostly, large numbers of people ignore these problems which cause major problem in future. Today, people can find large numbers of solutions available online for treating these problems without creating any problem to beauty. By taking few precautions, any person can hope to retain his beauty for longer time. Beauty also play a very important role in the look and confidence of a person, therefore, it is important to maintain a good relation between beauty and life.

Who will win Twenty20 world cup 2009 (England)?

Already, we can see excitement building for Twenty20 world cup 2009 among cricket fans across the world. All cricket fans have great expectations from this world cup and they want it to be full entertaining like last twenty 20 world cup. In this excitement, we are also getting numbers of predictions about next 20-20 world cup winner. All teams are confident of winning 2009 world cup, however, four teams according to me are main contender for winning this twenty20 world cup and they are India (last time winner), Pakistan, South Africa and Australia. India is strong contender for world cup because they have won it last time and therefore, we can hope that Indian team will definitely fight hard to retain this cup. Second place goes to Pakistan because Pakistan is one team which is striving for big success from long time and they are finalist of last year twenty20 world cup. South Africa is other favourite of winning this world cup because of their strong fielding, bowling and batting skil

Thoughts on Twenty20 World cup 2009

Just few years back, nobody have any idea that 20-20 overs cricket matches will become so hit. Cricket started its journey with 5 day long matches. At that time, cricket fans used to have plenty of time to watch 5 day cricket games. However, today we live in a very busy world where no person has time to watch cricket matches continuously for 5 days. Therefore, we saw the entry of limited over matches in the form of ODI matches. These single day cricket matches become very popular and they also represented the change in people’s expectations from game of cricket. Today, our world has become even more fast and we need more small cricket games which can be played in few hours. Twenty20 cricket emerged as new solution for accommodating cricket with fast life of people. From tomorrow, second twenty20 world cup will start in England. This world cup is likely to increase the popularity of game of cricket to next level. Already, Indian Premium League Season 2 (IPL2) which is also a twenty20 cr

Live score Twenty20 World cup 2009 England (All Matches)

Below, people can get the live score of all twenty20 matches of Twenty20 world cup 2009 (England) starting from Tomorrow. Multiple options are available below to get the live scores of all matches. After the huge success of IPL 2, we can expect same success for Twenty20 World Cup. Last Twenty20 world cup was won by Indian Cricket team, therefore, Indian cricket fans have lots of hopes this year also. Scores will be updated automatically in these gadgets as match progresses. For latest visit- Watch Live Score India Vs Ireland (ind vs ire) Cricket world cup India Vs Ireland (ind vs ire) live Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011

After Mega success of IPL 2

Lalit Modi is presently a happy man after the mega success of Indian Premium League Season 2 (IPL 2). Second season of IPL was conducted by BCCI in South Africa because they failed in getting clearance for IPL in India due to Loksabha Election. Initially, people and BCCI have lots of doubts that this decision will work in the favour of BCCI or not. Today, we all know that IPL 2 South Africa was a big success and this success of IPL 2 has opened numbers of doors for BCCI to perform new experiments with IPL. Already, IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has pointed that he is considering for having two IPL seasons in a year one in India and one out of India. According to news, BCCI also wants to explore USA for future IPL seasons because of huge pollution of Indians living there. After success of IPL 1 and IPL 2, we can say that IPL has great potential in India. Success of IPL 2 took IPL success to international level thus popularizing IPL across the world. IPL has brought new kind of concept in

Some Stupid People

This article is dedicated to all those stupid people who came in my life, though, I am not going to mention name of any person because I do not want to insult them. This is not only my case; however, we all face numbers of stupid people in our lives. Moreover, different people can have different opinions about defining a stupid person; however, I define a stupid person as any person who unnecessary tries to influence your life by making unwanted comments and giving foolish opinions. We all people have different set of mental setups and perceptions about various things; therefore, it is not necessary that every other person will think same like us. However, these stupid people do not know this difference and they go on forcing their own set of thinking on others. Most of these stupid people live in our vicinity as our friends, family members and well wishers; however, actually these people only force their own perceptions about world on us. They try to sell their own fears to us, thus s

Enhancing beauty of bathrooms

Today, we can easily find extra focus of people on enhancing beauty of their bathrooms. We can easily find large numbers of products in the market which can easily increase the beauty of our bathrooms. Numbers of big brands are also available in market which are offering their unique range of products like Delta faucet . People can easily find products in market which come under their budget plus provide enhancement to their bathrooms. Already, we can notice line up of various commercial of such products on various TV channels. Today, we can find good demand for stylish and unique bathroom products which was not present few years back. Moreover, people also want to spend good amount of money on their bathrooms which is increasing potential of this market to many times.