Confidence comes with practice

Many times, lots of people ask me this question that how they can get confidence in particular field or why they do not have enough confidence in doing something. I only tell them that Confidence comes with practice and there is no other route for getting confidence. Mostly, when we do a particular thing for numbers of times then we gain confidence that we can do this job easily and confidently.

We already know that Practice makes a man perfect and we can also add to it that practice gives us a confidence. I have interviewed large numbers of confident people in life and most of them have accepted during conversation that they were having confidence related problems in initial stage of their lives; however, with practice and more practice they gained good confidence and success in their field.

This is most simple secret of gaining confidence in life, however, sometimes people face this problem that where they can practise for gaining confidence then my answer to these people is that whole life is a practise ground. For example, if you want to succeed in a particular job interview then you can also apply for numbers of other similar jobs thus getting a good chance to practice for interview before giving your actual interview.

Whenever, we fail in a life then we also get some learning and some practise, therefore, every failure in life also provides us something. Now it only depends on people that they want to do practice and learn from their failures or not. It is important to take some steps before taking a final step so that our final step must be full of confidence and successful.

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