Thoughts on Twenty20 World cup 2009

Just few years back, nobody have any idea that 20-20 overs cricket matches will become so hit. Cricket started its journey with 5 day long matches. At that time, cricket fans used to have plenty of time to watch 5 day cricket games. However, today we live in a very busy world where no person has time to watch cricket matches continuously for 5 days. Therefore, we saw the entry of limited over matches in the form of ODI matches.

These single day cricket matches become very popular and they also represented the change in people’s expectations from game of cricket. Today, our world has become even more fast and we need more small cricket games which can be played in few hours. Twenty20 cricket emerged as new solution for accommodating cricket with fast life of people. From tomorrow, second twenty20 world cup will start in England.

This world cup is likely to increase the popularity of game of cricket to next level. Already, Indian Premium League Season 2 (IPL2) which is also a twenty20 cricket has become very popular. Twenty20 cricket can be defined as fast and furious game of cricket where people get lot of entertainment in few hours of game.

Twenty20 cricket matches are taking cricket to new levels of competition. Twenty20 world cup 2009 (England) will also test this competitive spirit of different cricket teams from 12 cricket playing nations. Like last 20-20 world cup, we can again hope to see great competition on ground. Hopefully, cricket fans will get a good chance to enjoy game of cricket in the form of twenty20 world cup.

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