Some Stupid People

This article is dedicated to all those stupid people who came in my life, though, I am not going to mention name of any person because I do not want to insult them. This is not only my case; however, we all face numbers of stupid people in our lives. Moreover, different people can have different opinions about defining a stupid person; however, I define a stupid person as any person who unnecessary tries to influence your life by making unwanted comments and giving foolish opinions.

We all people have different set of mental setups and perceptions about various things; therefore, it is not necessary that every other person will think same like us. However, these stupid people do not know this difference and they go on forcing their own set of thinking on others. Most of these stupid people live in our vicinity as our friends, family members and well wishers; however, actually these people only force their own perceptions about world on us. They try to sell their own fears to us, thus stopping us from taking new roads and seeing what is resent at the end of road.

These people believe that we will also fail like as they failed in their lives. However, these people do not realise that we have different set of circumstances present in front of us and our results can be different from their results. Second, failures do provide lots of learning to avoid future failures. It is good to give advice to people if only people ask for it from us then people will also follow our advice. However, by giving unwanted and unnecessary advice to others we only decrease respect for us in their eyes. Hopefully, more numbers of people in future will stop behaving as stupid people and thus allowing others to live as they want to live.
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