End of world on 21 Dec 2012 (Facts)

Recently, you might have noticed on various TV channels, news papers and internet websites that we are going to die on 21 Dec, 2012 because world is going to end on this date. The main reason behind this whole speculation is end of Mayan Calendar on 21 Dec, 2012. During Mayan times, they created a very accurate calendar which is even much better than our present calendar system. Mayan Calendar can accurately predict major solar events thousands of years before their occurrence, from this fact we can understand the accuracy of this calendar. However, Mayan Calendar strangely ends of 21 Dec, 2012.

Second on 21 Dec, 2012, our earth will be on straight line between our galaxy and sun (which is a once in thousand of year’s event). Many scientists believe that this situation can cause shift in the polar positions of earth. Third, online software created to predict future events is also predicting about major disaster on this date. To get more information on this subject and learn more facts, people can watch History channels documentary on this event. This documentary provides good details on various available facts supporting this fact.

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