India under swine flu attack

Today, two cases of swine flu transmitting from one person to other are reported for first time from two different parts of India. First case is reported from Hyderabad and second case is from New Delhi. In both cases, mothers got infected by swine flu infection of their sons. Hyderabad tops with seven cases of swine flu reported from city. There are total 11 cases of swine flu reported in India.

Today’s development has forced Indian health agencies to take more precautionary measures because this virus has transferred from one person to other for first time. Government of India has asked Indian people to take necessary precaution like consulting doctor if they face any influenza like systems. To get more information about swine flu, people can read earlier article What is Swine Flu (Influenza)? Why it is dangerous this time?.

With confirmation of first case of swine flu transmitting from human to human in India, we can say that India is under the attack of Swine Flu, though present situation is totally under control, however, this condition can easily go out of control if more numbers of such transmissions of swine flu from one human to other human take place in future. People can take various precaution to avoid any risk of getting this disease by avoiding meeting any such patient, saving oneself from influenza, using face masks etc.

Health officials are also worried about coming monsoon season in India because any fall in temperature can increase the chances of transmission of swine flu from one human to other human. World Health Organisation has again stated that swine flu can still take the shape of world epidemic if it is not controlled properly.

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