Shocking truth of Surat Gang Rape

Surat gang rape is throwing numbers of new revelations everyday and all of these revelations are very shocking. Present news are telling that police has also found eight more gang rape mms videos from the mobile phones of accused. The style of these eight gang rapes also resemble with the Surat gang rape, thus pointing towards eight more gang rapes committed by these accused, however, in these videos faces of culprits are not visible.

Police is also working on this theory that these three accused are either making any money by selling these mms video clips on internet. To invest more deeply, police has asked for permission of Narco analysis test of all three accused and court has also granted permission for the Narco analysis by seeing the importance of this case. These revelations are clearly very shocking and put question mark on the mental condition of present youth.

Two of three accused Shahid Saiyed, Tarik Saiyed and Abubakar Shaikh belong to good family with seven members of family serving in police at higher positions. Police has also found lots of problems with the psycho analysis of these three accused, therefore, police now wants to learn more about these accused and their links with other criminals by getting their Narco analysis test done. Police is also investigating on this matter that these accused were actually earning any money by making gang rape mms videos because as per news these videos can be auctioned on internet from few thousand to few lakh rupees.

These kinds of incidences create lot of shock in our society because mostly we do not expect such kinds of acts in our society. Now it becomes the duty of Gujarat police to investigate this case properly and make a very strong case against these accused so that they can get maximum punishment from court.
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