Acute shortage of Electricity and water in North India

Many parts of north India are presently going through situation of acute shortage of electricity and water. Many parts are facing more than 10 hours electricity cuts per day and simultaneously water supplies to large numbers of areas are hit hard by this problem. These kinds of problems are very common in India during every summer season. This time situation has become slightly more acute because of late arrival Manson rains.

According to weather department of India, Manson is running late by one week time. Moreover, weather department has confirmed that rains this year will be less than expected rains. Therefore, we can see this situation becoming more acute in near future. This situation also reminds us about the failure of central and state government who make large numbers of promises during these days so that people should not face similar situations next year.

However, we see similar kinds of situations affecting people every year. The problem with India government is that they are allowing this situation to go out of their control by not taking enough steps. Future problems can be worse than today’s problems if no concrete steps are being taken by our government in timely manner. Now, people of India can only pray to god for providing enough rain to solve their present problems.
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