Art of doing extraordinary things in life

How many people in this world know this art of doing extraordinary things in life or how many people in this world are using this art? Mostly answer to this question will be very small numbers of people because mostly people do not know this art and if they know this art then they do not believe on this art. This art is so simple that ordinary person can never believe that he can achieve extraordinary things in life by doing ordinary and simple things.

This art is plain secret which is available in front of us from many centuries. According to this art, we are required to do numbers of ordinary or simple things repeatedly so that combined effect should look like an extraordinary thing. We all know this fact that our big oceans are filled by very large numbers of small water drops coming from clouds. However, people do not have such patient to do small things repeatedly for long time.

Mostly, people run behind big things which are difficult to perform, therefore, mostly ends in failure. These people forget that it is much better to do small successful things then to do a big single unsuccessful thing. Some of these failures are so large that people totally loss control in them and accept permanent failures. In life, it is much better to depend on few small successes than to depend on one big failure.

Most of people in this world can easily perform large numbers of small things which can put them as extraordinary creators with some hard work. However, running behind those unachievable things or fate will not put us anywhere in life. We all can become extraordinary human beings by looking small possibilities present in our lives and finally turning these small possibilities in to big success.
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