Real Truth of 9/11? (What is not told and why?)

Mostly, we all people believe that 9/11 was by done by some curial terrorist belonging to Osama Bin Laden because we are told so by world media. However, recently I got a chance to watch numbers of videos available on internet which have something else to say about this storyline. Most of these video presentations are made by family members of 9/11 victims, online journalists and activists. All these videos are putting large numbers of unanswered questions in front of us which were deliberately hidden from general public. According to official theory of both towers of World Trade centre collapsed because of steel beams supporting the building got melted by immense heat produced by burning oil of beoing planes. However, WTC tower were made to sustain such attacks or accidents in mind. Sadly, both towers came down with slightly more than the speed of free fall in just 8 and 9 sec respectively. Moreover, there are documented details of numbers of explosions going in both building just before fall of towers like in planned demolitions. To learn more about numbers of facts not shared with us, I request people to go through videos and decide themselves what is true and what is a lie? There are numbers of facts which are coming out of these videos reports like US plan to control world oil supply, remain super power etc.

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