After Mega success of IPL 2

Lalit Modi is presently a happy man after the mega success of Indian Premium League Season 2 (IPL 2). Second season of IPL was conducted by BCCI in South Africa because they failed in getting clearance for IPL in India due to Loksabha Election. Initially, people and BCCI have lots of doubts that this decision will work in the favour of BCCI or not. Today, we all know that IPL 2 South Africa was a big success and this success of IPL 2 has opened numbers of doors for BCCI to perform new experiments with IPL.

Already, IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has pointed that he is considering for having two IPL seasons in a year one in India and one out of India. According to news, BCCI also wants to explore USA for future IPL seasons because of huge pollution of Indians living there. After success of IPL 1 and IPL 2, we can say that IPL has great potential in India. Success of IPL 2 took IPL success to international level thus popularizing IPL across the world. IPL has brought new kind of concept in cricket world which is testing new limits in cricket world.

IPL also supports advertising industry in a give way, therefore, making money readily available for IPL tournaments. IPL is also supporting large numbers of new and old cricket players from across the world thus opening new revenue streams in front of them. Overall, we can say that Success of IPL is good for India and cricket.

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