Why racial attacks on Indian students in Australia?

Many people are asking this question that why racial attacks are taking place on Indian students in Australia? Why there is sudden increase in attacks on Indian students in recent past? Why Australians are angry with Indians? Now these all questions can be related to numbers of answers. First we can start with history of racial attacks on Indians in numbers of other countries of world.

Racial attacks on Indians are not new and they are going on from many past years because many white arrogant people are finding it hard to see progress of Indian people and they feel Indians as biggest threat for their future and job prospects. The main problem which most of developed world people have with Indians is that Indians are taking large numbers of jobs in these countries and social status of Indians is on rise.

Therefore, these people feel threatened that one day Indians living in their own countries will become stronger than them. Therefore, we see frustration of these people coming out in the form of racism. Story in Australia is also not new as it is directly related to sudden increase in Indian students in Australian universities. In last few years, numbers of Indian students applying for Australian colleges have increased significantly.

The main reason behind this increase is strong promotion and marketing by Australian universities and ease of getting permanent residence ship in Australia on the basis of Australian degree. Therefore, large numbers of people who apply for various courses in Australia, they do so because they want to settle in Australia. In states like Punjab where people already love to settle abroad, Australian education provides a golden opportunity to settle in Australia.

This increase of Indian people and Students in Australia in recent past have angered many Australian students and people who now feel Indians as threat for their job prospects and control on Australia. This conflict can also be defined as conflict of dominant and non dominant communities where dominant community does not like rise of non dominant community.

This situation immediately requires some strong social and legal measures for stopping this situation from getting out of control. However, Australian society and government is not ready to accept this reality and they are terming most of these incidences as simple incidences of looting.

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