About Peptic Ulcer (Ulcer)

Peptic Ulcer or commonly called Ulcer is a well defined round or oval ulcer (sore) formation in stomach or duodenum due to stomach acids and digestive juices which damage the protective lining of stomach or duodenum and lead to unproductive inner surface, further causing the formation of ulcer. In countries like India, large numbers of people suffer from various ulcer related problems due to our eating habits. Mostly, Indian eats food rich in fats, spices and sometimes prepared in unhygienic conditions. Moreover, present life style also plays a major role increasing the chances of ulcer to people like working late night, irregular eating habits, eating junk food etc.

Main forms of ulcers are –

1) Duodenal Ulcer (most common in Indian conditions)
2) Gastric Ulcer (less common)
3) Oesophageal Ulcers (common, caused by back flow of acid in to Oesophageal)
4) Stress Ulcers (resulting due to stress caused by illness, burns, trauma etc)
5) NSAID induced Ulcers (due to excessive use of pain killers)
6) Ulcers associated with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Doctors mostly rate three main causes for this problem and they are-

1) Imbalance of aggressive and defensive factors e.g. gastric acid and enzymes try to damage stomach wall while mucus, bicarbonate ions, integrity and repair capacity of mucosal cells, prostaglandins and gastric blood supply tries to protect from ulcers.
2) H.pylori (Helicobacter pylori) is considered one of main factor in causing ulcer in patients and mostly, enters patient’s body through unhygienic food and water.
3) Third is present life style which is full of many stress causing factors and consumption of junk food, alcohol and smoking.

From above, we can easily judge the role of good life style in decreasing the chances of ulcer in life. It is very much possible for people having minor ulcer problems to treat it with diet moderation. However, in acute ulcer conditions people are required to take proper medications and they may need surgery in certain cases. In market, people can easily find many drugs for treating ulcer problems; however, best option available with people is to go for better life lifestyles which include healthy living and eating habits.

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