It is best (Movie Review- Ratatouille)

Mostly, we all believe that cartoon films are made for laughter and fantasy; and it is hard to represent emotions well with them. Today, animation industry has reached its maturity state and due to this fact; we are able to watch superbly realistic animation films like Ratatouille. The major attraction of this movie is to watch full display of emotions by the virtual cartoons characters.

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Ratatouille is not only a story of the journey of a rat’s life but it is a very deep story which is presented very well in the form of an animation movie for us. Great story, great imagination, great animation, great production and great voice all give this movie a unique and distinctive look. This film start with main character of the film Remy a rat who has some amazing power of sniffing and tasting.

Remy always wanted to use his talent and become a chef like Auguste Gusteau, a famous chef of France. In his journey toward becoming a chef, he passes through number of challenges and finally completes his dream with the help of a young man called Alfredo Linguini. The major attraction of the movie is to watch Remy completing his dreams with dedication for his work. During this journey, Remy also face number of emotional dilemmas like choosing between his friend Linguini or his rat family and clan.

Alfredo Linguini also discovers a new life for himself with the help of Remy. This is a great movie which is first time made on the topic of humans and rats friendship, which is otherwise have very less scope in real world. This movie gives a simple message of believing on one’s talents in all the conditions. This is good movie for every person to watch and not only for children.

Score-5/5 (excellent)

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